Cat microchip door flap – keep out of unwanted cats from entering your home

cat smart flap

“Are Neighbour’s Cats Invading Your Home? Are They Stealing Your Cat’s Food? Have You Tried Every Other Cat Flap On The Market? “

If you’ve got a standard cat door you could be putting your cat and your finances in jeopardy every single day!

Other cat flaps on the market often are not strong enough to keep marauding cats out, you can’t programme them to unlock automatically unlock in the morning and lock automatically at night, and they often rely on your cat wearing a collar that he or she keeps losing or it keeps getting broken because it dips into water when your cat is drinking!

Some of you may be SHOCKED to realise that you have been feeding
neighbour’s cats day after day. It might be the first time you have considered that while you are out other cats might be getting in.

Naturally you felt that by installing a cat flap would make it easy for your
furry little friends to come and go as they please… and indeed it does!

HOWEVER, when you are sleeping, at work, shopping, busy surfing the
net, or otherwise not in the room… who knows what else is sneaking through your standard cat flap, infra-red cat flap, or magnetic cat flap?

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