Control Your Home by Phone – Remotely turn on heating cooling in your vacation home

home monitor

  • Remotely turn on heating/cooling in your vacation home
  • Control up to ten X10 addresses by phone
  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Works with most answering machines

Essential Info

Now you can call home to turn on the lights, hot tub, heat, music, and more! This amazing device gives you control of ten X10 devices from any touchtone telephone. When you call in to your home phone, the X10 Telephone Responder picks up after 30 seconds. You will then hear 3 beeps. At this point you can press a number 0 – 9 that corresponds to each of the 10 devices available followed by * for on and # for off. A three digit security code can be set before access is allowed if desired. The Telephone Responder can also be set to flash X10 controlled lights or activate chime modules when the phone rings, great for when you are outside or for the hearing impaired. Featuring easy installation, the X10 Telephone Responder simply plugs into a 110V wall receptacle and standard phone jack.

Turning devices On/Off by phone is simple with X10 technology. Simply plug your choice of Telephone Transponder or Responder into a telephone jack and into a 110V AC outlet. Any X10 compatible receivers in the house can now be controlled by telephone. Thermostats can be controlled by using a Universal Module to interrupt the connection to your existing thermostat or by replacing your thermostat with an X10 controllable thermostat.

Source:  Smart Home

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