Far-Infrared Heat Therapy 6-Hour Rechargeable

far infrared

Far-Infrared Heat Therapy: Shoulder

When you’re used to competing, whether it’s tennis, golf or running, it’s beyond frustrating when soft-tissue injuries put you on the sidelines.

But it’s undeniable that such injuries take longer to heal as you age. Get back into game shape quicker with our cordless Heat Therapy Wraps. A small Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack delivers warm, soothing relief for up to six hours; choose from 4 different heat settings. Far Infrared Rays safely penetrate skin, stimulating blood flow and promoting tissue regeneration, while also reducing pain.

And fleece-lined, flexible neoprene smoothly contours to the curvature of your back, knee, or shoulder to apply heat right where you need it. Comfortable and slim-fitting enough to be discreetly worn under clothes for all-day pain relief and soothing warmth on cold days. Regular fits up to 40” Waist, Chest 32”– 40”; Max. fits Waist and Chest 40”– 52”. Regular knee fits 12”– 18”, Max. fits 18”– 23”.

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