Reflex LCD Writing Tablets

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No more paper, pencils, or pens. Reflex™ LCD Writing Tablets are the environmentally-friendly alternative that replaces them all! Simply press on the surface with a stylus or other suitable writing instrument (even your finger) to create an image and then erase with the push of a button. By utilizing Reflex technology, no power is used retain the image, only to erase (typically supplied by a 3V watch battery).
eNote LCD Electronic Memo Pad

The portable Reflex LCD Writing Tablet from Kent Displays that easily slips into a briefcase or back pack for use at school, office, car even the athletic field – or leave it by the phone at home to leave notes for family members, make shopping lists and more.
Custom Reflex™ LCD Writing Tablet

Reflex LCD Writing Tablets can be custom designed, cut, and conformed to integrate into a wide variety of other products including toys, entry signs, appliance fronts, car visors and more.

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