Camera on a stick – Take photos of yourself

picstick  Camera on a stick – Take photos of yourself

A through-hiker on the Pacific Coast Trail reaches a major mile marker on her 2,700-mile, six-month hike. It’s 7:00 in the morning and she is standing alone on the top of MT. Whitney. The weather is perfect and she can see for miles in all directions. A Kodak moment!

This hiker has two choices: wait hours for someone to come along and take this perfect photo or attempt to take a self- portrait by stretching her arm out as far as she can holding the camera in her hand and trying to guess at a good angle. These self portraits usually end up very disappointing with a blurred close-up of a face and very little scenery in the background.

Now visualize this:

While alone on top of MT. Whitney, this hiker pulls out her 10-gram StickPic, quickly attaches her camera to the end of her hiking pole, and snaps a beautiful, well-proportioned, perfectly centered picture of herself and her surroundings. Even better, while using the StickPic, she uses the video feature on her digital camera and makes a vivid documentary about her trip. If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million!

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