iBalance enhances metabolism, improves health and sleep


Your every day health accessory!

The ibalance enhances metabolism and improves the quality of your health and sleep. Neutralising the build up of positive ions caused by modern living, combining eastern wisdom and modern science the ibalance is designed to improve your general wellbeing. Wear the ibalance around your neck all day to soothe fatigue and stress caused by work or exercise. A great product for any age.

• Negative ions encourage blood circulation and metabolism

• Maintains natural body balance improves sleep quality and thus allows the pleasure of a stress free life

• Neutralises acids caused by stress and environmental pollution by increasing the alkaline level of your body

• Can be worn 24 hours a day, ensuring optimal health condition round the clock, anywhere anytime.

• Convenient safe and reliable 16cm in length

• Made in Japan

What are the benefits of negative ions?
Generally those living in an urban environment tend to lead a more hectic lifestyle with additional stress from their work and daily lives. Contributed by the background environmental pollutions the human body accumulated surplus positive ions (acids) that make one more venerable to stress and fatigue. Negative ions are capable of lifting the alkaline levels inside our bodies, this will neutralize the acids and improve a better balance of heath.

What are the impacts of ions on our health?
Negative ions facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism by lifting body temperature.  This improves the quality of our sleep and sooths tiredness from sore muscles caused by work or exercise. This reveals the reason why people living in rural areas wake up in the morning with energy while those living in cities easily feel washed out even after long hours of sleep.

Source:  Oregon Scientific

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