The FIREBIRD – R is a wingsuit which offers an incredible flat glide ratio

birdman suit

The FIREBIRD  - R is a wingsuit which offers an incredible performance range; flat glide ratio and maneuverability combined with harmony and total ease of use. The FIREBIRD ™-R is the first all around wingsuit in the world that has semi-rigid Mylar ribs – every rib. You won’t notice them until you push hard, pull some G’s and take it to your limits. But when the time comes to go for it FIREBIRD -R gives you what you ask for .. and maybe a bit more.

Special features:

- BIRDMAN® Bi-Convex wing profile. Trailing edge that decreases drag and makes the wing faster through the airstream generating extra speed and lift.

- Wind-tunnel tested wing design maximizes high-performance without compromising access to BOC pilot chute making the suit most comfortable at the pull time.

- Front- and back air-inlets with Airlocks allow smooth flying even when flying on your back.

- New wingtip grippers with “pockets” that allow perfect control of the arm wing.

- New Semi-Rigid rib technology that prevents wing-movement during the flight and increases performance.

Source:  Bird-Man

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