Memory Foam Music Pillow

music pillow

Lying in bed and drifting off to sleep listening to your favourite music is heaven – be it whale song, the sound of waves breaking on the shore, or Born Slippy if you’re a bit strange. It’s not so much fun for your partner of course, and even less fun for you if, as inevitably happens, you end up throttling yourself on your headphone cord or wake up with aching ears from wearing ear buds too long. Enter the Sound Asleep Pillow Original and the new ergonomically designed, contour moulding Sound Asleep Memory Foam Pillow. Both are ingenious and comfortable pillows that have buried deep within them, a speaker. Inaudible to anyone except the dozer, (and even the princess who was so fussy about peas in her mattress wouldn’t be able to feel the speaker in her pillow) the pillows have a phone jack at one end that will plug into your iPod/MP3 player/radio, and play your music gently through the pillow. Now your partner can sleep in peace, and you can listen to whatever you like! Nodding off has never been so wonderfully self-indulgent.

Source:  Light in the box

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