Skydiving Adventure

skydiving adventure

Want to know what it feels like to fly?  Get a jump on fun and excitement with a tandem skydive!  No experience is necessary in this dual harness parachute experience.  Just suit up and head skyward, taking in beautiful panoramic views from the air.  Thrill to an exhilarating rush of sensations as you make the jump, free fall at speeds of up to 120 mph, then float serenely back to earth – all the while securely harnessed to the instructor.

  • Suit up with goggles, jumpsuit, and harness and get a short lesson in skydiving basics
  • Board a plane and start the climb, watching the stunning Texas scenery
  • At 13,000 feet, hook up to the instructor’s harness, take a deep breath, then jump
  • After 8,000 feet of freefall, the instructor opens the parachute and steers you to the landing area

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