Ironing board with integrated fan and two settings, inflation or suction

ironing board

We’re delighted to introduce the Leifheit StarLine Airbase, the next generation of ironing board. Set to revolutionise ironing, saving you time at the board and giving perfect results, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how it worked, and you won’t either. Its secret is an integrated fan hidden inside, just plug the board into the mains – yes, plug it in, and choose between suction or inflation mode.

When the board is in suction mode:

  • it holds garments in place, preventing wrinkling to give perfect, crease-free ironing
  • unlike traditional irons where steam condenses, leaving clothes damp, excess steam is drawn down through the board so clothes stay dry, ready to be hung away.

Flick the switch to inflation mode and:

  • the fan blows air upwards through the board, causing delicate garments to balloon so you can hover your iron over the surface to steam creases out without contact
  • it’s ideal for smoothing out fiddly areas like collars, cuffs and darts
  • with no condensation, once ironed, items are left bone-dry with no danger of re-wrinkling.

The steam-permeable, machine-washable cotton cover has special foam padding, a pull-cord and a tension clip for a wrinkle-free fit.

Source:  Lakeland

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