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Well, by both common usage and science it is a jet. We already have jet ski and jet boat. I do not believe that an aviation engineer will be able to convince all those owners to start calling their devices a ‘water pump propelled boats’.

In the end we found that 95% plus of people call it a jetpack when they see it, so why fight that ?

If you have a very narrow view of what a ‘true jetpack’ is (i.e. that it is a pure jet) then none have ever been built. The closest would have been the Bell jet belt, but again this was not a ‘true jet’, it was bypass ratio gas turbine powered. In fact I cannot think of any ‘true jets’ in the GA industry, most are Fanjets.

Perhaps now you see that the ‘correct answer’ is far more complicated and debatable, so much so that normally it is not worth even starting the discussion, because the ‘correct’ answer relates to opinion not fact.

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