M-Cube Ludicrously addictive load of magnet balls

magnetball  M-Cube Ludicrously addictive load of magnet balls

magnet ball

Imagine a cross between Newton’s Cradle, Rubik’s Cube, Silly Putty and bubble wrap. We know that’s difficult but it’s the only way we can describe the brilliantly addictive allure of the M-Cube.

Unlike any puzzley plaything we’ve ever seen, this boredom busting oojamiflip consists of 216 powerful rare earth magnets that can be shaped, squashed, sculpted, pulled apart and snapped together in unlimited ways. It really has to be seen to be disbelieved!

Armed with an M-Cube you can form countless shapes, create chains, invent games, make jewellery, leave messages on the fridge and much, much more. You can also use it as a stress reliever: simply manipulate it, mangle it, crush it, re-arrange it and your troubles will float away. Maybe. Think of it as a miniature therapist. Indeed, the only thing you’ll need treatment for once you begin tinkering is hopeless M-Cube addiction.

Source:  Fire Box

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