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Lawn striper like the professional ballparks and golf courses

lawn striper

Lawn Stryper is a lawn striping system that lets you pattern your lawn like the professionals do at golf courses, major league ballparks, and landscape firms.

Patent-pending Lawn Stryper™ attaches to most walk-behind, self-propelled, or push lawn mowers. You can easily customize the system’s height, width, and angle in order to match up with your specific walk-behind lawn mower. Works with or without bagging systems.

HOW LAWN STRYPER WORKS: Patterned lawn is a result of bending grass a certain way so that light reflects differently off the blades of grass. When looking at a patterned lawn, grass that is properly bent away will look lighter and grass that is properly bent towards will appear darker. The Lawn Stryper attachment properly bends grass after it has been cut.

A dark “stripe” is created when patterning towards the viewer, and a light “stripe” is created by patterning away from the viewer. In order to view all of the benefits, line-of-sight patterning is recommended. For example, if you are sitting on your front porch, looking out towards your lawn, consider patterning lines that come straight to and away from your porch. If you were to view these same patterns from the side, visual results may be less dramatic.

Note: Lawn Stryper works best on cool season grasses. Typically cool season grasses such as, but not limited to, rye grass, fescue, and bluegrass pattern more easily. Unfortunately, warm season grasses such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, and zoysia do not pattern as well due to their coarseness. Please determine the type of grass you have on your lawn BEFORE ordering this product.

Source:  Comfort House

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