Aqua Sub Bottom Load Water Cooler


Aqua Sub Bottom Load Water Cooler stores the water bottle down below, so you don’t ever have to lift heavy bottles of water. This bottle on the bottom water dispenser has an innovative pump system that draws the water up to the dispenser. (Bottle not included.) Holds 5-gallon bottles, both square and round.

Another advantage to this design is that it keeps the water out of direct sunlight reducing the chance for bacteria and algae growth.

No awkward lifting. No messy spills because the water bottle is never turned over. The easy load design of this Soleus water cooler makes it convenient for you to enjoy bottled water at home or in the office. Dispenses hot and cold water.

Multi-color display shows water temperature and when bottle is empty.

Dishwasher-safe hose and water bottle cap. Removable drip tray. Child safety features: Hot water turn off and dual control for hot water. All materials are BPA-free.

Source:  Comfort House

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