Home EKG Monitor


Cleared by the FDA, this is the handheld cordless device that lets you monitor your heart’s rhythm without requiring a trip to the doctor’s office. The monitor uses four integrated sensors–not uncomfortable electrode cables–that provide an instantaneous EKG reading simply by holding the unit in one hand and pressing it against the palm of your other hand. It displays an accurate EKG and heart rate on its 1 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ monochrome screen, along with an easy-to-interpret emoticon that indicates a normal or irregular heartbeat. The lightweight, portable unit can monitor multiple users and its internal memory stores up to 200 30-second data records. Data may be uploaded to a PC using the USB cable provided, and the included software for Windows 7 and Vista maintains a record of your heart’s health over time.

Source:  Hammacher

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