Pocket Radar Faster than a speeding bullet

pocket radar

Faster than a speeding bullet? Now you’ll know!

  • K-Band Handheld Doppler Speed Radar
  • Measures from: 7 MPH to 375 MPH (11 KPH to 600 KPH)
  • Easy to Use One-Button “Point and Shoot” Interface

We’re pretty sure you won’t run into Superman anytime soon. At least not the real Superman. (Don’t tell us he’s just a character in a comic book. We don’t believe you. Santa’s real, too.) You may bump into some imitation Supermen at your local comic-con, but we can assure you that they do not break speeds of 3 MPH. In fact, they’re often much slower, especially if the convention is crowded and/or there’s a Slave Leia nearby. But if you did bump into the real Superman, you could whip out your Pocket Radar and verify that his speed was indeed faster than a speeding bullet.

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