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The final answer to all car cameras has arrived – Dash Cam Dually

car cam dually

The final answer to all car cameras has arrived. The Dash Cam Dually!


The Dash Cam Dually has two built-in cameras to capture the scene in front of your car AND what’s happening inside your car.

  • Perfect for parents to monitor the driving habits of teenagers
  • Excellent for employers to reduce liability when company vehicles are involved in accidents
  • Awesome way to BEAT A SPEEDING TICKET!

Dual 1.3 Mega Pixel cameras mounted in a sleek, radar detector like enclosure capture virtually everything happening inside and out in front of your vehicle. Four Infrared LED’s illuminate the interior of the vehicle so you can capture video even at night! The lights are visible only to the camera and will not interfere with the driver or passengers.


The Dash Cam Dually has a built-in G-Shock sensor that has five (5) level settings and can record multiple impact points. This is especially useful for if your vehicle is in an accident, the dash cam unit will sense the drastic change in g-force, and automatically log the recordings. The car camera has a built-in GPS receiver that logs your exact location, speed, and direction.

Revewing recorded video is simple as removing the SD card from the unit, and inserterting it into the provided SD card reader. The SD Card reader plugs into your USB port, and comes with the pre-loaded software to view the recordings.

While you are watching the recording, press the Map button on the software, and a screen will open with a Google map that pinpoints the location based on the GPS data.

car camera dash cam display


  • 2 Cameras: One (1) front view and one (1) back-view inside the vehicle
  • Speed detection
  • Compass
  • Coordinates (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Integrated Google Map window
  • Dual Camera (1.3 Mega Pixels / 2CH Display)
  • Built-in GPS & G-Sensor
  • Emergency or Continuous Recording
  • SD Memory Card


  • Window-mount holder
  • Cigarette-lighter power adapter
  • 2GB SD CardSD
  • Card Reader (USB)
  • User Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Installation Materials

SIZE: 4.25 L” x 1.0 W” x 4.9 H”

Source: SpyGadgets

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VIDEO: Chevrolet Volt tests driver-controlled audio warning system with the blind

As the popularity of hybrids has grown over the last few years, advocates for the blind have been raising a red flag about noise, or — more to the point — the lack of it. Because electric-drive vehicles emit much lower levels of sound on the street, blind pedestrians who’ve relied on the noise emitted from traditional vehicles lose a major source of information when navigating the streets and sidewalks.

There have been movements in various legislatures to mandate some minimum sound level from electric vehicles to ensure that blind pedestrians can tell when they’re approaching, and General Motors recently conducted a test session at its Milford Proving Grounds with a group of the visually-challenged to assess the audible warning systems on the Chevrolet Volt.

The engineers have employed the car’s horn to emit a series of warning chirps when a pedestrian is in proximity to GM’s gas-electric hybrid, evaluating the nature and level of the warnings to alert pedestrians rather than startle them. GM spokesman Rob Peterson tells us that on the first generation Volt the warnings will be manually activated by the driver, although future iterations are likely to incorporate some sort of active system. Currently, the biggest hurdle is developing an active system that can distinguish a pedestrian from another vehicle. Otherwise, without a reliable detection system, the horns would be going off at all times, increasing noise levels and making it largely useless.

Source: ChevroletVoltage

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