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Solar LED Address Numbers

led sign

Your address – up in lights!

Kind of like the moon appearing after the sun goes down, these Solar LED Address Numbers illuminate at night making the numbers easy to read. The unit turns on automatically and lights up using two bright white LEDs. Mounting is simple (no wiring or timers) with the included hardware. The number plate itself is spaced 1″ from the wall causing the LEDs to provide a backlighting effect. The numbers are made from anondized aluminum and the entire unit is weather resistant. The lights run on for about 8 to 10 hours (direct sunlight, of course, producing the best results).

Simply select from the dropdown the numbers needed to create your address.

Source:  Think Geek

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Nano UV Wand Disinfection Scanner

uvscanner  Nano UV Wand Disinfection Scanner

Now, more than ever, you don’t want to be without this large area UV scanner that safely kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, fleas and lice in just seconds.

Kitchen and bathroom surfaces, door handles and cupboards, mattresses and cribs – how about your family’s phone or computer keyboard? Once you begin killing germs (in just 10 seconds) with the Nano UV Wand, you could keep going and going. Safely Kills 99.99% of all surface bacteria and viruses within 10 seconds using the UV power of light. Also eliminates, lice, fleas and dust mites. Laboratory certified tested and FDA listed product. The large 13” wide coverage is one of the largest on the market, enabling you to sweep large areas quickly and effortlessly! Patent pending as the only product that can use all three UV light spectrums A, B and C.

• 13” of coverage lets you sweep large areas quickly and effectively

• Safely kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, eggs of dust mites, fleas and lice in seconds

• Produces Multi-wave length 185-365 nm UV light

• 10-second timer switch

• Kills germs associated with allergies, colds & flu

• Not for use on animals or humans

• Features a child-resistant lock for safety

• Comes with a rechargeable battery with AC adapter

Source:  Sharper Image

Popularity: 8% [?]

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Solar Fan

solar fan

Specially designed to help you save on your rising utility bills, it’s a total eco-friendly, smart wireless table fan.

Enjoy cool breeze for longer hours using our ultimate fanning device viz., Solar Fan its ultra affordable and harnessed totally from the sun, thus making it an ideal replacement for those electric fan.
Minimum noise, high in speed, light weight, portable and is ideal for a person to get comfortable breeze and can be carried easily anywhere.


• Zero electricity bill.
• No electrical wiring required.
• Minimum 6 hours of cool breeze on a single charge.
• Perfect alternative during power cuts.
• Best suitable during emergencies.

Source: Gadgets Gizmos

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P-shaped Shower Bath Pack with Curved Shower Screen

shower glass guard

Gone are the days when the bathroom was purely a functional room. Create a sanctuary within the house – your own dream bathroom.

The stylish indulgent bath perfect for a long relaxing soak with the added benefit of a large showering area for those times when there is no time!

  • P-shaped shower bath with curved shower screen & acrylic front panel
  • Dimensions 1700mm 750mm x 850mm (max.width of P section)
  • Available left or right handed
  • 5mm acrylic
  • Fully encapsulated
  • Safety glass

Source:  Victorian Plumbing

Popularity: 11% [?]

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NovoPhone Retro Cell Phone Handset 2.5mm Jack

phone cell

Do you long for the days when a phone handset was comfortable, hefty and toughenough to be slammed onto the receiver when being solicited by telemarketers? Ourretro handset brings back those good ol’ days and looks cool too! In a world ofsmall-and-getting-smaller-cellphones, this retro handset converts your tiny phone intoa beefy, comfortable retro phone! 2.5mm jack works withmost phones (Motorola, LG,Samsung); not compatible withRAZR or Nokia phones.

Source:  X-treme Geek

Popularity: 21% [?]

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EZ Wheelchair Access Advantage suitcase ramp

wheelchair ramp

Advantage Series SUITCASE Ramp is an ultra-strong, single fold, lightweight, portable mobility ramp that helps wheelchairs and scooters over curbs and from 1 to 3 steps (depending on ramp size). EZ-ACCESS® Advantage Series® SUITCASE® ramp is available in 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ lengths, all with a usable width of 29.5″.

2′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs and 1 step has a usable size of 2′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 24″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 12 pounds.
3′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs and 1 step has a usable size of 3′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 36″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 16 pounds.
4′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs and 1-2 steps has a usable size of 4′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 48″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 20 pounds.
5′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs, 1-2 steps, and some minivans has a usable size of 5′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 60″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 26 pounds.
6′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for 1-3 steps, some minivans, and some SUVs has a usable size of 6′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 72″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 30 pounds.

Source:  Comfort House

Popularity: 8% [?]

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Self Weighing Suitcase

selfweighingsuitcase  Self Weighing Suitcase

The suitcase that weighs itself! Avoid excess baggage charges with this ingenious suitcase, which contains its own built-in digital scale. Especially useful for your return trip, when you might have over-indulged in holiday shopping! Simply press the button, pick up the case and check the weight accurately displayed in lbs or kg on the mini LCD screen. Buy the suitcase and receive a FREE matching carry-on bag with adjustable shoulder strap, zip-up front pouch and sleeve for attaching to trolley case handle.

  • Sturdily built, lined throughout
  • Covered in durable 600 denier polyester
  • Built-in wheels and pull-out trolley handle
  • Expandable top
  • 3 external zipped compartments and 3 internal compartments – one zipped mesh, 2 elasticated
  • Integral scale in kg/lb/oz
  • Hidden name identification plaque
  • Case (including top handle/wheels) measures 25½” x 15¾” deep, expands 11½”- 13½” deep
  • Carry-on measures 12″ x 10″ x 7″

Source:  Expert Verdict

Popularity: 8% [?]

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Bosch 11221DVS 7/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer

drill gun

Technical Details

  • Integrated dust collection system – keeps work environment clean in critical areas
  • SDS-plus® bit system – tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking, dust protection and maximum impact energy transfer rate
  • Multi-function selector – 3 modes of operation, rotation only, rotary hammer and hammer only mode
  • Variable-speed reversing trigger – for accurate bit starting, as well as removing fasteners or bound bits
  • Constant ResponseTM Circuitry – - Provides soft-start – Maintains constant speed under load – Provides overload protection

The first thing you’ll notice about Bosch’s rotary hammer is its great ergonomics, which clearly were a major consideration in the design of the hammer. The grip and trigger mechanism are well integrated, especially the front grip, and long enough to accommodate different body styles (I’ve got long arms; my buddy is the opposite: we both liked the tool’s feel). For a rotary hammer, design is especially critical during overhead and down-drilling operations, where fatigue can quickly rear its ugly head. The tool’s vario-lock positioning is great; it gives you 36 different working angles to choose from so you can modify the tool to fit the application. Likewise, the hammer offers three operational modes: hammer only, rotation only, and hammer with rotation. We really appreciate the self-contained dust removal system, which does a great job of keeping the mess to a minimum. Are there drawbacks? Not many. The bit-changing mechanism is a little stiff and a little cumbersome, perhaps–but that’s a pretty minor negative in a tool that otherwise provides such pleasant operation. The people at Bosch really know what they’re doing, and it shows in this tool. –Michael Shilling

Source:  Amazon

Popularity: 6% [?]

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Boombox Freeview DVD Projector

boomboxprojector  Boombox Freeview DVD Projector

Watching TV and movies on the big screen usually requires a TV and a big screen, neither of which is particularly portable. But thanks to the jaw-droppingly impressive Boombox Freeview DVD Projector you can do both without strapping a telly to your back.

The clue’s in the name because despite looking like Darth Vader’s boombox crossed with a pair of Bono’s most ludicrous shades, this all-in-one cinema/entertainment system projects DVDs and Freeview TV onto any flat surface you fancy.

Simply plop in your discs, flip open the pivoting, swivelling LED-powered projector and gawp in awe as a quality image up to 75” is flung against the wall. But what’s with all this Freeview business? Well, thanks to a built in DVB-T tuner the Boombox will also spew out any Freeview channel you fancy. Anyone for a bit of big screen World Cup action? Back of the net!

Source:  Fire Box

Popularity: 18% [?]

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Ion Air Cleaner

vita clean air

Product Features

  • First micromini air cleaner in the world. In 2004, it received the bronze prize at the international invention expo held in Germany and in 2005, it received the gold prize and the special prize in the field of design at the international invention expo in Geneva. It has let its quality recognized in the world.
  • Emits 186 billion electrons per second so it purifies the polluted air. (The principle of natural purification such as lightening and thunder is applied.).
  • AirVitaNeo15 emits 980,000 anions per cc which is called air vitamin.
  • (800~2,000 anions are emitted in case it is in woods, hot spring, waterfall or the seashore).
  • AirVitaNeo15 is treated with special high molecular vacuum coating so it is washable to use and it is available in bathroom or toilet. It is a simple and economical air cleaner.
  • AirVitaNeo15 is an air cleaner that has been newly developed in 2007, which has better performance, functions, and design. Its superior air cleaning effects and safety have been verified by the international quality certificate organization in America, Europe, Japan, Korea and China.
  • AirVitaNeo15 has acquired a patent for its function of selective generation of anion and ozone (patent no. 0371170), so it can be considered more reliable than other methods.
  • This is a new product with a fresh indirect lighting effect, added to the air cleaning and the sterilizing functions. Uniform illumination with a small, dazzling and soft and cozy environment will make your body and mind comfortable.
  • Through indirect lighting, the air cleaning effect is continued not only at midday, but also in sleep, which can be seen with eyes (LED indicator).

Suitable for wide spaces like a living room.

Source:  My Air Vita

Popularity: 12% [?]

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