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Linksys Remote Network Storage System – Multi-computer file sharing

linksys network

linksys network

From the Manufacturer Introducing the new Linksys Network Storage System. Now you can quickly and easily add storage capacity to your network with greater ease. Organize your life into one media library. Rip your music and movie library and store them digitally. Share your photos, videos, and music files with everyone on your network. Access them anytime, anywhere–even across the world! Protect your precious data automatically.

  • Two drive bays and two USB ports for exceptional expandability
  • Share files locally or through the Internet
  • Rest easy with one-touch backup or schedule automatic backups
  • Standalone device: doesn’t require a PC to be on

Source:  Amazon

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Mobile MaxPure with Fresh Water Purification System

max pure silo

This Mobile MaxPure® (MMP) is a solar-powered generator with a built-in system for the purification of polluted freshwater sources. This system can pump and purify an average of 30,000 gallons each day at a cost of less than one penny per gallon! This calculation includes capital costs and all consumables over the course of the first year. After year 1 the cost reduces to fractions of a penny per gallon because the capital outlay has been paid off.

The unit also provides power to run lights, tools, equipment and sensitive computers and other electronic equipment. Inverter systems for use with US or European specifications are available. You can also purchase the optional satellite communication system and/or the specially designed trailer to easily pull the unit to your site.

The MMP fits easily into standard international shipping containers; 4 fit into a standard 40-foot container. There are lift points built on to the sturdy frame to airlift the unit by helicopter. It can also be transported by truck or boat.

The units have provided water and power under severe conditions. Please see our Project Briefs for more information. The MMP is powder coated to reduce rust and all components are marine grade and sealed against the elements. Please see below for more specifications.

Source:  World Water Solar

Popularity: 14% [?]

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Floating globe with magnet


The Levitron Ion: a floating globe icon.

Floating globes are nothing new in the impressive catalog of physics toys they offer, but the Ion from Levitron is one stellar desktop decoration from a company known for creating some eye-catching products. Adorning your desk at work or at home, the Levitron Ion will make for a handsome display of what the earth looks like from outer space, as it floats nobly, bound to the gravitational pull of our nearest star.

The Levitron Ion is a magnetic floating globe that uses state-of-the-art technology to create a magnetic field in which the globe floats. The power is derived from the Ion’s lustrous base which, aside from keeping the globe aloft and giving the whole unit a stylish look, also allows the 4” globe to rotate in midair!

Education toys are not usually as fun, or so apt to make for such a nice decoration, but the Levitron Ion will provide hours of captivation and, at the same time, dress up your desk with a little bit of class and sophistication, while also teaching you a thing or two about electromagnetism on top of everything else! This Levitron globe, like all others in their fantastic line of products, makes a great gift for your parents, your children, you significant other or just yourself.

    • Floating Globe
    • Base Unit
    • Adapter

Source:  InnovaToys

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SolarRolls Solar Powered Charger

SolarRoll laptop

Our drive and desire to pioneer a line of rugged power sources led to the introduction of the first flexible solar panel, the SolarRoll. Since then, the evolution of this concept has flourished. Backed by glowing reviews in every major magazine and newspaper in this country and others, the SolarRoll has officially taken its place as one of our most talked about products. The proof, though, is in the remarkable performance. The waterproof SolarRoll has given sea kayakers the power to photograph their voyages from the far reaches of the planet. And next spring, it will assist Ed Viesturs in his final summit, Annapurna, as he polishes off the last peak of Endeavor 8000. Ideal for powering satellite phones, members of expeditions worldwide pack the SolarRoll in place of expensive extra batteries that don?t offer much relief in the form of weight. We realize however, that not everyone is defying the ordinary. Some of us simply need the SolarRoll for charging our car battery or running our video camera. With this in mind, we?re offering alternative sizes and outputs this year to accommodate the growing demand for our most popular solar panel.

Source:  Brunton

Popularity: 13% [?]

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Fridge Magnet Photo Frame

fridge magnet photo frame

Photos and magnets have become the ultimate fridge accessories, with smiley snaps of your friends and family adorning fridges across the land. So it makes sense that someone has had the bright idea to combine the two with the Fridge Magnet Photo Frame. No longer will your fridge be restricted to just a few photos, as this mini digi-frame can store up to 66 of them and scroll through them at whatever speed you desire between 5 and 80 seconds. It has 32MB of internal memory, supports JPG, GIF and BMP images, has both automatic and manual image change modes, and will scroll away happily through your photos for up to 11 hours from a single charge. A very bright idea that ensures you’ll never tire of the photos on your fridge ever again.

Source:  I want one of those

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Connect your laptop to internet via WiFi using your mobile phone’s 3G

joikuspot  Connect your laptop to internet via WiFi using your mobile phone’s 3G

Connect your laptop to internet via WiFi using your mobile phone’s 3G. Award winning JoikuSpot software shares your phone’s 3G internet connection over Wifi (WLAN) to external devices.

Premium Edition comes with all internet protocols. You can also secure your connection with Premium and use VPN to access secured corporate intrawebs. Premium supports email protocols so you can use email clients like Outlook and Gmail. All settings (like WiFi network naming and default access point) are adjustable in Premium. There is no forced default landing page in Premium Edition. Premium has best performance and connection quality, and auto-reconnects to 3G if the connection is dropped to e.g. 2G temporarily.

Multiple devices can share the same connection in parallel. The connection can be secured just like with your home/work Wi-Fi base-station.

See JOIKUSPOT HELP for usage information and customer care.

You can effectively replace Bluetooth, cable, USB modems and external WiFi HotSpots with JoikuSpot and save money, time and hassle. After all, you always have your phone with you = Where ever you may be, you will have internet.

JoikuSpot Premium 2.5 supports Arabic, Turkish, Chinese HK, Chinese PRC, Chinese TW, Polish, Korean, Indonesian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Slovenian, English, English US, French, French CA, German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish, Spanish AM, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Japanese. The language is automatically selected to be same as the phone’s language.

For iTouch users: You can turn your iTouch to a 3G iPhone by using the combination “iTouch + Nokia S60 phone + JoikuSpot software = 3G iPhone”:-)

We recommend unlimited high speed data plans with your network operator for cost-efficient and optimal use of JoikuSpot.

JoikuSpot is one of a kind unique solution, and Joikusoft is first in the world to share phone’s 3G over WiFi.

Source:  JoikuShop

Popularity: 11% [?]

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GoldKey USB Security Token Encrypts Your Documents

golden USB key

Great things do come in small packages
One of the most powerful security tokens on the market is also the smallest. GoldKey’s security processor, encryption engine, and hardware random number generator all fit in a case not as big as your fingertip. Two dimensions of the key are as small as allowed by USB plug standards and the last is just long enough to grab easily. This token fits on your key chain, in your key pouch, or in your pocket without the bulge.

GoldKey is not your average hardened device. From its stainless steel case to its waterproof epoxy, GoldKey is more durable than your everyday USB token. Inside, the GoldKey is filled with an industrial grade epoxy that not only seals the internal circuitry water tight, but deters tampering and provides added strength.

Unlike other security devices, GoldKey does not require a battery for power, it instead draws power from the USB port. This means it can last and last in the field.

Multi-Factor Authentication
With GoldKey, at least two factors of authentication are required. The GoldKey token must be present (Something you have), and you must know your GoldKey PIN (Something you know). This provides a much higher level of security over traditional password-only authentication methods. Upon request, GoldKey also supports biometric fingerprint authentication as a third factor (Something you are).

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for all encryption
AES has been chosen by NIST as the official replacement for the outdated DES. It has now become the symmetric encryption algorithm of choice. GoldKey utilizes AES with 256 bit keys (AES-256) for all encryption. Weaker RSA keys and shorter key lengths are never used.

A GoldKey Combo Key can run standalone or can be registered to any Master Key for file sharing and backup. (Note: When running standalone, there is no way to recover encrypted data if you lose your Key or password).

GoldKey provides four powerful security solutions in a token small enough to carry on a keychain – a literal ‘key’ that must be used to access your data.

Data encrypted by a GoldKey can be stored on many kinds of electronic media including flash drives, DVDs, and network storage servers. GoldKey presents secure data storage, transportation, and backup options, inter compatible with Windows and Mac.

Using state of the art encryption and a built-in, standards-compliant smart card, GoldKeys are versatile dual-factor authentication tokens fit for a personal or corporate environment.

Using GoldKey:

Encrypt an unlimited amount of information, on any number of computers
Manage an unlimited number of keys using Masters and Grand Masters
Protect data on laptops, flash drives, servers, and backup media
Avoid embarrassing and costly data breaches
Comply with government regulations
Collaborate and share files

Why GoldKey?
GoldKey products are designed and manufactured in the USA, allowing us to provide a higher level of quality assurance and support.
The use of GoldKey imposes no limits, contractually or otherwise, on data encryption or user management.
When it comes to protecting your data, there’s just no room for compromise.
There are no ongoing contracts or license fees.
[ $29.96 ]

Source:  Gold Key Token

Popularity: 9% [?]

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HeadBlade Sport brings headshaving to a whole new level


HeadBlade Sport brings headshaving to a whole new level. Modeled after the hugely popular Limited Edition S4 (3,000 units made/sold for $75) the HeadBlade Sport comes standard with wheels AND triple blade technology. Put this thing on your rock and let it roll. Make sure to purchase one of our Triple Blade Acc. Kits to keep your HeadBlade Sport in competition mode! PRICE: $15.00

Source:  HeadBlade

Popularity: 9% [?]

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Personalized MY M&M’S Chocolate Candies

mmm  Personalized MY M&M’S Chocolate Candies

Personalized MY M&M’S® Chocolate Candies
are a great way to customize your wedding and event favors, birthday party, or give as a creative gift.

Source:  My MMs

Popularity: 100% [?]

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ezGear for Wii Boxing Gloves

wii boxer

Wii Boxing Glove

  • Feel like you are in the ring with realistic boxing gloves
  • Specifically modified to work two ways
  • Hold the remote or nunchuk in the palm of your hand or place them in the pocket on the back of the glove
  • Quality construction with foam pad
  • ezGear quality and affordability

Wii Boxing has never been so much fun! Wear these gloves and you will feel like you are right in the ring. The ezGear for Wii Boxing Glove uses high quality constuction and includes specialized foam to simulate a real boxing glove. Each glove has a built-in pocket to hold the the Nunchuk and Wiimote during play. The gloves can also be used while holding the Nunchuk and Wiimote. Wii Sports Boxing has never felt so real.


Source:  eGear

Popularity: 4% [?]

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