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Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager – Back Relief


Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager

Helps relieve low back discomfort in minutes a day—no drugs, stretches or costly therapies.  Tired of back discomfort slowing you down? Get Back2Life®, the revolutionary device that gently and naturally helps align the spine, relieve pressure and discomfort.Just lie back and relax, while Back2Life® does the work for you. Back2Life® uses a revolutionary technique called Continuous Passive Motion to gently and comfortably lift your tailbone and flex the spine. Over time, this slow, rhythmic motion helps align the spine, relieve pressure and discomfort and improve mobility.

Use for just 12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the evening—that’s it!
No aggressive kneading, no stretching, and no expensive treatment sessions. Using Back2Life® is truly relaxing—you won’t feel any drastic movements, yet over time the slow, steady, motion gently stretches your spine, while loosening tight muscles and relieving pressure and discomfort. Adjusts to accommodate different heights (from 4′8″ to 6′6″). Designed for individuals up to 300 lbs. Brochure, manual and instructional DVD included.

“Back2Life’s gentle, all-natural approach to relieving back discomfort is truly revolutionary!” Dr. Marc Darrow, MD, J.D.

Source:  Brookstone

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DXG readies first 3D camcorder

DXG 3D cam

Someone was bound to offer a 3D camcorder, but who would have thunk it’d come from pocketcam maker DXG? We got a gander at this pistol-grip, dual lens stereoscopic 3D View model, due in June. It shoot only VGA standard def 3D video, but what do you want for just $400?

Believe it or not, that $400 isn’t just for the camera. You also get a 7-inch digital video viewer. The 3D in both the camcorder’s 3-inch 3D LCD viewfinder LCD and the frame look almost holographic. For what it is, footage actually looked pretty cool. The video is in Motion JPEG, a pretty standard file format, but you likely won’t be able to view the 3D footage on anything other than the DXG panel.

Equally cool, or cooler, are three other new 2D HD cams, the DXG-A85 HD (March, $300), the DXG-A80V HD ($250, on sale tomorrow), and the DXG-590V HD ($200, end of February), which solve a vexing problem: you want to shoot at low resolution for easy upload to YouTube or other social media sites, but you want HD for posterity. All three of these models shoot two versions, HD and QVGA, simultaneously and stores two separate files.

Source:  Dvice

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4GB Spy CMOS Camera Cap w/ Remote Control

camera cap

Can you imagine that you can wear camera on your head? Or bring a cap with a spy camera? Here we bring you a 4GB Spy CMOS Camera Cap with Remote Control. With this cap, you can take photos and record video without notice. We offer you two colors for your selection: Black and Light Brown.

The 4GB Spy CMOS Camera Cap is available in Black / Light Brown color versions . We’re pretty sure that there will be quite a lot of people out there who will go for such a device, for various reasons.


  • Memory: 4GB
  • Synchronous: Video
  • Resolution: 640 * 480
  • Typical Microphone Range: 3m
  • File Format: MP4-AVI
  • Sensor: CMOS Motion Sensor
  • Power Source: Internal Rechargeable Li-Battery
  • Color: Black / Light Brown

Our Price: $59.95

Source:  Etronix

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Additional storage for the iPhone & iPod touch with wireless AirStash

airstash storage

airstash wireless

Introducing AirStash

AirStash stores your movies, music, photos, and documents and wirelessly shares them with your phone, media player, netbook, tablet, computer, and more. Use AirStash like a USB flash drive to drag & drop the files you want to your SD card while charging the built-in lithium polymer battery, then unplug & play on all of your browser-enabled WiFi devices*.

If you know how to use a USB drive and a web browser, you know how to use AirStash. Once you own AirStash, every other USB flash drive will seem less evolved.

Easy wireless access to your media stash

Just connect your WiFi enabled device to your AirStash and instantly surf & stream your media files through your web browser. No software or app installation is required.

Additional storage for the iPhone & iPod touch

Break through the storage limits on your iPhone and iPod touch with AirStash! There’s no need to decide what files to squeeze onto your iPhone—bring them all with AirStash! Supply a single SD card for storage capacity up to 32GB, or bring along additional SD cards for unlimited storage on-the-go. Because AirStash is wireless, you can keep using your favorite case and accessories while AirStash sits in your pocket, backpack, purse, or briefcase.

Source:  AirStash

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ioSafe Solo 500GB Rugged USB External Hard Drive – Fireproof Hard Drive


ioSafe Solo 500GB Rugged USB External Hard Drive

Rugged USB Hard Drive — Fireproof Waterproof
–>The rugged desktop ioSafe Solo hard drive brings disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford. With capacities from 500GB to 1.5TB, the ioSafe Solo can safely protect precious digital family photo albums, MP3 music libraries and days of video memories. For business, the ioSafe Solo hard drive is a great way to protect customer databases or to secure regulated information including patient records (HIPAA, Sox, etc) or credit card information (PCI regulated). Businesses use the Solo hard drive as a backup and storage device, no longer worrying about data loss from moving computer tapes and files offsite. Like other ioSafe disk drives or storage systems, the Solo hard drive is for Mac or PC and uses patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fire safe insulation.

Fireproof to 1550° F for ½ hour
Waterproof to 10 feet of fresh water or salt water for 3 full days
USB 2.0 Interface — Plug and Play for any PC, laptop or Mac computer
Patented Air Flow Cooling ensures hard drive reliability during normal day to day use
3 Year Warranty & $1,000 Data Recovery Service
Upgrade to 5 Year, up to $1,000 per disk
Bolt-down the ioSafe Solo or cable lock for greater security and theft resistance

Source:  ioSafe

The ioSafe Solo SSD combined with ArmorPlate helps to protect data in a two story building collapse, 5000 lb. crush forces, 20′ drop into rubble and up to a 1000g shock. In addition the original HydroSafeTM, FloSafeTM and DataCastTM work to keep the drive cool during normal operation and protect the data from fires up to 1550°F for 1/2 hour and complete water submersion of 30′ for 30 days in fresh or salt water. Like all ioSafe products, the ioSafe Solo SSD comes with ioSafe’s Data Recovery Service, a “no questions asked” policy to help customers recover from any data disaster including accidental deletion, virus or physical disaster.

“The new ioSafe Solo SSD is the world’s most rugged and versatile desktop external hard drive. In addition to the USB interface, the new eSATA connection allows for fast data transfers and full compatibility with almost any Microsoft, MS Server, Linux or Mac operating system. The ioSafe Solo SSD can be used alone or in conjunction with any offsite or online backup strategy to add real time, zero data loss, synchronous disaster protection to any data that sits vulnerable,” said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore. “Businesses, especially small businesses, struggle with disaster recovery and regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI or Sarbanes Oxley, can use ioSafe hardware to add simple, inexpensive and secure protection. The ioSafe Solo is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to protect your data.”

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The interactive projector that turns any surface into a touch screen

touch screen projector

Light Touch: Holographic Laser Projection is Here Today from DVICE on Vimeo.

Fed up of lugging a heavy laptop around? Soon you could be typing documents and browsing the web on any nearby surface with the aid of a pioneering pocket-sized projector.

An innovative British company called Light Blue Optics has created the Light Touch, which transforms any surface into a 10.1in touch screen, reminiscent of the film Minority Report.

The system uses holographic laser projection and infrared sensors to create a screen that supports multi-touch gestures, like many smart phones.

The device was unveiled by the Cambridge based company at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Kolimat Roadscan motion-activated dual lens video and data recorder for your car

roadscan  Kolimat Roadscan motion-activated dual lens video and data recorder for your car

Kolimat Roadscan DTW 1.0 is the new motion-activated dual lens video and data recorder with audio and full GPS that overlay Google Earth™ Satellite images. Pictures are taken at regular intervals to compliment the GPS data. You can review the events right on the camera. The memory holds up to 60 events plus 12 hours of continuous recording, stored in a special memory section of the SD card. The video timing is adjustable and goes up to 30 seconds before to 30 seconds after, with the vehicle speed shown on the software screen.

Catastrophic events such as crashes that are above a preset “G” force level, (3 indipendent axis motion detection) cannot be overwritten. Kolimat Roadscan DTW 1.0 is also equipped with an infra red LED for interior night vision,remote panic button, taxicam software capabilities and WiFi downloading, capable of communicating through other onboard equipment (WiFi, cellular and satellite). The software is installed quickly and easily and is user friendly. There are no continuing fees and the software is included in the price.

Source:  Kolimat

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Fireaway the leading provider of aerosol fire suppression technology Stat-X

statx firstresponder

Watch Video

Fireaway receives UL Certification

Fireaway, the leading provider of aerosol fire suppression technology, has become the first company to be awarded Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for their line of Stat-X generators.  The initial listing covers the 30 through 1000 gram electrical generators, the remaining products will be added as testing is completed.

Source:  StatX

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The FIREBIRD – R is a wingsuit which offers an incredible flat glide ratio

birdman suit

The FIREBIRD  - R is a wingsuit which offers an incredible performance range; flat glide ratio and maneuverability combined with harmony and total ease of use. The FIREBIRD ™-R is the first all around wingsuit in the world that has semi-rigid Mylar ribs – every rib. You won’t notice them until you push hard, pull some G’s and take it to your limits. But when the time comes to go for it FIREBIRD -R gives you what you ask for .. and maybe a bit more.

Special features:

- BIRDMAN® Bi-Convex wing profile. Trailing edge that decreases drag and makes the wing faster through the airstream generating extra speed and lift.

- Wind-tunnel tested wing design maximizes high-performance without compromising access to BOC pilot chute making the suit most comfortable at the pull time.

- Front- and back air-inlets with Airlocks allow smooth flying even when flying on your back.

- New wingtip grippers with “pockets” that allow perfect control of the arm wing.

- New Semi-Rigid rib technology that prevents wing-movement during the flight and increases performance.

Source:  Bird-Man

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Gruber Assist – the invisible electric bike retrofit

tech bike retro

GRUBER Assist is not dependent on the bicycle brand – required cycle frame specifications

In contrast to the ready-made E-bikes, you have the advantage of being relatively brand-independent when buying a new bicycle.

What you should look for in a frame if you want to install a GRUBER Assist:

  • Aluminium or steel frame (carbon currently in test phase)
  • Straight, continuous seat tube
  • Seat tube with an inner diameter of 31.6mm
    (This is given for a seat post with an external diameter of 31.6mm)
  • The existing seat post will be replaced with a Truvativ XR double clamp (included in delivery)
  • Crank set from Shimano Hollowtech II (not included in delivery)
  • Seat tube should be as central as possible on the bottom bracket (not shifted forwards or backwards!)
  • People with a step length under 80 cm should contact GRUBER Antrieb GmbH & Co KG or their dealer before installation. From the middle of the crank to the saddle (without saddle) the GRUBER Assist has a lenght of 57 cm.
  • Installation by a certified GRUBER Assist dealer

Source: Gruber Assist

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