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8inch Android 1.5 Tablet PC Apad Ipad Clone China Ipad

ipad clone


Here you got chance to get “iapd” back home now. This is a clone ipad- called Apad from China. With the similar appearance with reall Apple ipad, this China ipad really have what the real ipad has. WIFI, 8 inc big touch screen but with Google Android Operation system. The price is a Chieese knock-off price low. If you are ipad fans who can not afford yourself to pay for real ipad, then think about this clone ipad.


  • Google Android OS
  • CPU:500MHZ
  • 128MB DDR2
  • 2GB internal
  • 8″ resistance touch screen to support click and drag in the touch region
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • high-brightness TFT LCD 800X480
  • size: 22.1X18X1.4CM
  • Google chome-lite Browser UCWEB Browser
  • Mainstream Web Mail service Gmail / Yahoo Mail / Hotmail / Sina Mail
  • Image: JPG?GIF?PNG?BMP
  • Android task killer?Andexplorer
  • Mini-USB Port Host or Slave
  • WiFi B/G
  • In-Built Web Camera

Source:  eTronixMart

Popularity: 11% [?]

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Bottle Water Filter

filtered bottle water

He tackles the problem in style, with this curvaceous, recycled plastic water bottle with a built-in filter. Just fill it up with regular tap water, and enjoy pure filtered water straight from the snap-open spout. The replaceable carbon filter is built right in, and is good for 300 uses (40 gallons). BPA-free. Made in USA.

Filters available in red, blue, green and black. If you don’t like the color of your water bobble, you can change the color by buying a new filter!

How to use your Waterbobble:
1) Fill entire bobble up with water.
2) Gently squeeze all the water out through the filter. Black dust will appear in the first rinse. Don’t worry, it’s only carbon.
3) Refill your waterbobble over and over again.
4) Replace filter after two months (that’s 300 bottles of water!)

$7.00 - $10.00

Source:  Uncommon Goods

Popularity: 5% [?]

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Repel an attack with Blinding Light and Piercing Siren while recording at the same time

repel attacker

In this day and age we can all use a little more protection and thats just what the Attack-DVR helps to provide. When activated the unit will produce a blinding LED light as well as a piercing noise (90+ db) all while recording video at the same time. The unit is small enough to be hand held or to even be attached to a keychain.


  • Records audio and color video
  • LED emits a blinding light
  • Loud sound easily attracts attention, may frighten off an attacker
  • Built in rechargeable battery

Technical Specs

  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480 @ Up to 30FPS
  • Sound level: 90+ db
  • Storage: Supports up to 32GB SD Cards
  • 65 degree viewing angle


  • 1 Attack-DVR
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Wall adapter
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 1 Software disc

Source:  Gadgeta

Popularity: 5% [?]

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Bottle Tops – Set of 12

bottle tops

Turn A Can Into A Bottle

Avoid spills & keep the fizz! Just snap on a Bottle Top(TM) and enjoy your favorite soda, iced tea, juice or energy drink. Tight leak proof seal keeps carbonation in and insects out! Washable and reusable. Fits most beverage cans. Great for kids and adults. Set of 12 in assorted colors.

Source:  Shop Home Trend

Popularity: 4% [?]

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The Safe Way To Put Your Dog Into Your Car, SUV, Truck, Camper – Pet Ramp

pet loader

pet loader

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Wider and more stable than a ramp.  Pet Loader’s® lower angle of ascent/decent and greater traction eliminates your dog’s fear of entering your vehicle. Yet Pet Loader®  is light in weight and folds down to a mere 7-1/4” for easy portability and storage.

Like walking on solid ground!

  • No injury to dog or yourself
  • Low angle of ascent/descent eliminates fear
  • Dog instinctively knows how to use it
  • Level platforms instill confidence
  • Wide decks eliminates anxiety
  • Incline adjusts to pet and vehicle
  • Washable carpeting for critical traction
  • No sag for added assurance
  • Great stability, easily holds the largest dogs
  • One size works with all vehicles
  • Ideal for SUVs, trucks, trailers
  • Easily folded, carried, stored
  • Folds to just 22”wide, 18” long, and an amazingly short 7-1/4” high
  • Endorsed by vets, groomers, trainers

Source:  Pet Loader

Popularity: 22% [?]

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Medicus Golf Driver Aid – chosen by golf pros as the #1 swing trainer club

golf club medicus

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The Best Selling Golf Training Aid Ever, The Medicus Driver!

The Medicus Driver has been chosen by golf pros as the #1 swing trainer club in the world. It is the best selling golf training aid ever! It is used by over half a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals and now it’s BETTER THAN EVER! Once you learn to swing the Medicus Driver without breaking it you know you are swinging in tempo and on plane. You’ll get rid of that slice and start hitting longer, straighter shots and start shooting lower golf scores!

NEW! 460cc Oversized Head - Our Biggest and Best Driver Swing Trainer!
· Easiest to use on the range!
· Easiest to hit live balls!
· Newest technology to train for todays oversized drivers!
· Our revolutionary, next generation driver training aid!

  • Used and endorsed by Mark O’Meara, Hank Haney, Bruce Fleischer, and Jack Lumpkin, One of golf’s top 100 instructors
  • Patented Dual Hinge Lets you know when you swing incorrectly
  • Golf Training Aid that teaches you to swing in tempo & on plane
  • Instantly identifies the flaw in your swing
  • Helps Eliminate Slices and Hooks
  • Lets you groove the perfect golf swing
  • Hit longer, more accurate shots time after time
  • Can be used indoors or out – at home, on the range, or on the course
  • Improves all aspects of your swing – from the takeaway to the downswing to the follow through
  • Develops muscle memory so that you develop a perfect and repeating swing
  • Improves consistency and control
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Available Models:
    • Right Handed Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
    • Left Handed Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
    • Women’s Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
    • Junior’s Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Source:  Medicus Golf Aid

Popularity: 9% [?]

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SteadePod a patented camera steadying device



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Introducting the SteadePod™, a patented camera steadying device. Use instead of a tripod for your camera or camcorder for great photos and video! Compact and lightweight, easy to use and quick to set up; take it with you anywhere for steady images in low light, long exposure or high zoom situations.

Source:  Steadepod

Popularity: 10% [?]

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Hotman Pot Holder

pot holder

“Where’s a hot man when you need one?” It’s the question that women the world over have been asking themselves forever. Now the answer is simple. He’s in your kitchen, laying on your benchtop – just waiting for you to come in, so the two of you can get cooking. Nudge, nudge.

Of course, the Hotman isn’t just for the ladies – there’s plenty of men out there who, if they just tried a Hotman, they’d never go back. Wink, wink.

OK, enough with the double entendres. Hotman is the little dude in your kitchen who lays his body on the line and protects your benchtops from bubbling or scorching from hot pots, pans and plates!

Even without a pot or plate in sight, Hotman is the coolest thing in your kitchen – when he’s not playing “kitchen utensil” protecting your laminate, he’s playing “objet d’art” and there to decorate. This funky little fella catches everyone’s eye!

Of course, the kitchen is just the start. His groovy little frame can add a touch of pop art (and practical protection) before you place your pizza on the coffee table! Basically, your imagination is the only limit – just think, what could you do with a Hotman? Nudge, wink.

Give a girl (or guy) you know a Hotman – when things get steamy in the kitchen we’re sure they’ll be completely satisfied! Nudge, wink, giggle, snort.

Source:  Latest Buy

Popularity: 5% [?]

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P-shaped Shower Bath Pack with Curved Shower Screen

shower glass guard

Gone are the days when the bathroom was purely a functional room. Create a sanctuary within the house – your own dream bathroom.

The stylish indulgent bath perfect for a long relaxing soak with the added benefit of a large showering area for those times when there is no time!

  • P-shaped shower bath with curved shower screen & acrylic front panel
  • Dimensions 1700mm 750mm x 850mm (max.width of P section)
  • Available left or right handed
  • 5mm acrylic
  • Fully encapsulated
  • Safety glass

Source:  Victorian Plumbing

Popularity: 6% [?]

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EZ Wheelchair Access Advantage suitcase ramp

wheelchair ramp

Advantage Series SUITCASE Ramp is an ultra-strong, single fold, lightweight, portable mobility ramp that helps wheelchairs and scooters over curbs and from 1 to 3 steps (depending on ramp size). EZ-ACCESS® Advantage Series® SUITCASE® ramp is available in 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′ lengths, all with a usable width of 29.5″.

2′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs and 1 step has a usable size of 2′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 24″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 12 pounds.
3′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs and 1 step has a usable size of 3′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 36″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 16 pounds.
4′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs and 1-2 steps has a usable size of 4′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 48″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 20 pounds.
5′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for curbs, 1-2 steps, and some minivans has a usable size of 5′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 60″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 26 pounds.
6′ Advantage Suitcase ramp for 1-3 steps, some minivans, and some SUVs has a usable size of 6′ x 29.5″. Folded size: 72″L x 15″W x 4.5″H; total weight 30 pounds.

Source:  Comfort House

Popularity: 5% [?]

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