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Your natural air purifier – In velvety-soft fleece Activated Carbon Blanket

air purifier blanket

Hard to believe but this velvety-soft blanket gets rid of unpleasant odours. It quickly and effectively eliminates nicotine and animal odours, persistent cooking aromas, paint and varnish fumes from your car and home. In a natural way. No chemical additives. And the best thing is: The blanket’s own smell will always remain neutral.
Its secret: Highly-porous granular activated carbon with a total surface area of around 60 football pitches.
Activated carbon has long been used as a natural filter for many purposes. Now thanks to a newly developed process, it is possible to softly integrate highly-porous activated carbon between 2 layers of fabric. Each gramme of this high-performance absorbing layer has an amazing active surface of 1,400m² (15,269sqft) which binds odours and harmful substances in the air. Scientific tests for odour and emission control according to automotive standard procedures (VDA 270, VDA 276) confirm the efficiency of the applied high-performance absorber.
Sanitary as it’s machine washable (40°C). Activates immediately after drying. Also ideal for allergy sufferers.

Source:  Proidee

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