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Dog Water Bowl Connects to Garden Hose for Automatic Filling

dog pan auto fill

  • Dog bowl connects to garden hose for continuous fresh water
  • Water bowl refills automatically when low

Essential Info

It’s not always easy to remember to fill your pet’s water bowl, especially if it’s kept outside. Be assured that your dog has enough to drink at all times: The Automatic Dog Watering Bowl is a 7.5 quart stainless steel bowl that connects directly to your garden hose, which refills the bowl automatically when it gets low.

Note: Hose manufacturers do not recommend drinking from the hose because most hoses are connected to non-potable water. Some hoses have filters built in but it would be a good idea to check your hose filter before hooking it up to this water bowl.

This 1.8 gallon automatic stainless waterer attaches to any garden hose and provides consistent fresh water for your pet at all times. The bowl is fabricated from heavy duty hygienic stainless steel with a durable cover (removes for easier cleaning) made from high density polypropylene, which protects the mechanical float valve providing safety and reliability. Ideal for your cat, dog, sheep, goat, or other animal hydration needs. No training required.

Source:  Smart Home

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