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Mattress RX Lumpy, saggy mattress?

mattress TX

mattress RX

Why Buy A New Mattress?

Lumpy, saggy mattress? Don’t waste money buying a new one. Mattress RX fits between your mattress and box springs, then easily inflates to just the right level to immediately eliminate sag and restore its original comfort.

Fully adjustable — corrects sag up to 5.5″. With correct support, your spine rests in a natural position — less tossing and turning! Proper support helps eliminate back and neck ache and distributes body weight evenly for a better night’s sleep.

Simply insert and inflate Mattress RX with the included hand pump.

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Intelligent Cot Baby Bed – Revolutionary concept

intellicot cot baby bed

intellicot raising

The Cencio Intelligent Cot is a revolutionary concept in functional furniture design. Including four unique patent pending features and numerous other enhancements, parents are free to concentrate on looking after what is most important.

Video Monitoring

The majority of new parents buy an audio monitor so they can hear if their child is in distress from anywhere in the house. The intelligent cot takes this functionality one step further with a built-in video camera and a portable monitor that provides parents with an instant visual check as well. The unit can also be plugged into a TV so you can share the moment with family and friends.

Automatic Rocking

Rocking is one of the most natural ways of easing a child to sleep. The intelligent cot incorporates a rocking mechanism which simulates the natural rocking motion of a baby in a mothers arms. The rocking can be used to help establish a child’s regular sleeping pattern when used as part of a bedtime routine, and therefore parents too!


During the first few years a parent will need to lift their baby in and out of the cot several times a day, every day, placing strain on the back causing discomfort for mothers after a caesarean operation. This problem gets worse as the child grows and the mattress level has to be lowered, and can often lead to back pain.

The raising system in the intelligent cot reduces bending and straining by lifting the infant up to an easily accessible level at the touch of a button. By using a changing mat, the highest level is ideal for nappy changing.

Air circulation

Child overheating can cause great anxiety to parents, especially with high temperature alarms on modern audio monitors going off.

The intelligent cot can help avoid overheating with the natural cooling effect of gently moving air, which is can be automatically activated on hot days for added peace of mind.

Night Light

Soft lighting that can be colour selected to create a soothing environment for your child and allows you to see your baby without turning on main room lights and waking them up.

Safety window

Gone are the days of prison style bars which can trap arms and legs; the strong polycarbonate window on the intelligent cot ensures the baby remains safe while providing parents with an exceptionally clear view.

Source:  Intellicot

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