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Beer Scented Candle

beer candle

Candles aren’t just for gals you know!

Guys will love the fresh brewery fragrance that smells just like a cold one! Full scent concentration used throughout, so the candle smells just as good each time you burn it.

Buy 2 or more, $15.50 each.

Source:  Things You Never Knew Existed

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Cordless Automatic Candle is better than the real thing

cordless candle

Cordless Automatic Candle is better than the real thing! The ‘flame’ flickers and there’s no cord like other candle lights. Better still…you set the timer and forget it. It goes on and off automatically or manually. No matches, no worries. The beautiful brass-finished holder (included) fits on narrow window sills, or use your own candle stick. “Burns” up to 50 days. Requires two AA batteries (not included).

Source:  Taylor Gifts

Popularity: 1% [?]

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Candle Carver

candle carver

This Candle Carver is a surprisingly fun little innovation that allows you to turn almost any fruit or vegetable into some mood lighting. “Why on God’s green earth would someone want to make a candle-holder out of a vegetable?”, we hear you reasonably ask. Think about it, though – it’s quirky, easy to do and can actually be very adaptable. So next time you’ve got one too many apples knocking around the fruit bowl (after you’ve gotten through your five a day, of course), just whip out the Candle Carver and effortlessly squeege out a perfectly sized hole for a tealight. Instant mood lighting! And yes, “squeege” is a real word.

The Candle Carver will do much more than just spruce up your perishables, though. You can scoop out enough matter to make a lovely vase, or even a floating candle-holder for a punch bowl. If it’s the sort of party that has punch, that is. Maybe you could even carve out enough to make a snazzy cocktail glass from a pineapple, go nuts! The possibilities are near-enough endless – if you can carve something out of it, chances are it’d look better with a tealight on top. Use apples, pears, squashes, mini pumpkins and just get twisting!

Source:  I want on of those

Popularity: 3% [?]

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