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Glove Box Battery Jumper

car battery charger

This is the device that charges a car’s battery from the comfort and safety of the driver’s seat. Small enough to store inside a glove box, the 30-volt battery plugs into a car’s 12-volt lighter outlet. The device jump-starts a car’s battery in as little as 10 minutes, providing a two-amp “trickle” charge, even in temperatures as low as -10º F. A quick beep indicates when charging is complete. Reversing a switch allows the device to recharge in 30 minutes from a running car. It comes fully charged, providing up to five years of power. Includes a set of mini-jumper cables for motorcycles.

Source:  Hammacher

Popularity: 7% [?]

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Emergency Car Battery Charger

carjumpercharger  Emergency Car Battery Charger

Revive a low battery in minutes – without getting out of your car. If you’re stranded in an empty car park on a cold winter’s night, you won’t need to phone a car rescue service or flag down a stranger who might have jump leads. Instead, you can just open your glove compartment and reach for this handy charger.

  • Simply plug this high-power unit into your 12V cigarette lighter socket, and in 10 minutes you’ll be on your way
  • Can be used and recharged up to 500 times
  • Doubles as emergency 12V DC power source for mobiles, laptops, cameras, portable TVs and car vacs (adaptors not incl.)
  • Recharges as you drive, or charge with the mains adaptor incl.

Source:  Expert Verdict

Popularity: 5% [?]

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Micro USB Car Charger

car usb charger

There was a time when mobile phones were the size of bricks, you carried the battery pack in a shoulder bag and you had to charge them overnight – if you want to see one, you need to go to a museum. Thanks to the Micro USB Car Charger, you can drive over to see them and charge your iPod, iPhone or any other portable USB device as you go!

You will not find a more compact or portable car charger! In fact, you’ll hardly notice that it’s even there – until you need it, when you’ll be singing its praises while your favourite device is sucking the juice.

Not much bigger than the size of your thumb (depending on how big your thumb is of course), the Micro USB Car Charger’s sleek design will blend in with your car’s interior. And the cool blue LED ‘X’ lets you know that it’s got power.

You can use it for your iPod/iPhone (iPhone / iPod charging cable included), Blackberry and any other device that can charge via USB – in fact, there’s probably not one person you know (unless your grandad’s still got his brick phone) that couldn’t use the Micro USB Car Charger, which makes it a great gift for friends, workmates, family members, secret santas and of course, yourself! It’s the gift-that-fits-all!

Why get yourself tangled up with cords? Why lug around your 240V charger hoping you can find an outlet someone will let you use? The Micro USB Car Charger is the only charger you’ll ever need whilst on the move.

Source:  Latest Buy

Popularity: 4% [?]

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Twin Socket Auto Battery Charger

twin socket battery charger

  • Dual 12V & 24V DC sockets
  • Battery chargers for two AA Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries
  • Built-in map light for illumination
  • Bi-color LED indicate charged batteries
  • Adjustable head for flexible connection
  • Rechargeable batteries included

There’s also a map reading LED light built into the charger itself.

Source:  Wagan

Popularity: 1% [?]

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