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Restore Water Purification System

restore water filter

Restore is a complete purification system in an affordable, easy to use pitcher. Restore provides cleaner, great tasting tap water by innovatively combining germ-killing UV Clean technology with a water filtration system. Restore is a breakthrough solution.

Restore benefits:

  • With state-of-the-art technology that is comparable to many installed systems with none of the hassle.
  • Unlike leading brands of water filtration pitchers such as Brita & Pur, Restore takes clean water to a whole new level by removing bacteria & viruses.*
  • Delivering cleaner, great-tasting water right from the tap, Restore water is cheaper than bottled water.

Source:  Homedics

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Steward Advanced Materials Thiol-SAMMS: The Toxin Terminator


This simple-looking white powder can get mercury-contaminated water 100 times as clean as any other method, for about half the cost. Each grain is actually a carefully engineered molecular sponge designed to absorb more than half its weight in mercury.

The product of more than 15 years of research, Thiol-SAMMS is made of silica molecules assembled into a spongelike pattern of holes, packing the surface area of a football field into just one teaspoon. Sulfur atoms, which can bind poisonous mercury, coat each of the minuscule holes. When the powder meets a tainted liquid, mercury seeps inside and bonds with the sulfur to instantly form a stable powder safe for landfills—the first time anyone’s been able to send mercury waste to the dump without an expensive separate step to neutralize the toxin.

SAMMS has successfully cleaned wastewater in a variety of settings, including a coal plant, an offshore oil rig and a chemical manufacturer. Four treatment tanks, each with a 10-pound load of the product, can treat about a million gallons of water. Soon SAMMS cartridges might help clean up lakes, streams and sewers. Thiol-SAMMS can also recover precious metals such as copper and gold, and researchers are now switching out the sulfur for other atoms so that it could mop up radioactive waste.

Source:  Popsci

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The Element Four WaterMill provides fresh potable water from an unlimited source: the Air

4 element watermill

Watch the video Here

Element Four products generate and purify water – on and off the grid. Our solutions to the basic human need for fresh, clean water can be applied to domestic, commercial, recreational, agricultural, military and humanitarian purposes. Our technology can be used almost anywhere water is needed.

The facts about Earth’s water

Our planet’s natural water cycle provides for all forms of life. At any given moment our planet holds 326 million cubic miles of water. Of this, 97% is saltwater and only 3% is fresh water. Of that 3%, 99.3% is locked in ice.

Our air contains 4,000 cubic miles of water. If it were a lake it would be roughly the size of the Great Lakes combined – which is the world’s largest body of fresh water – and would be constantly refilled.

What air has to offer

In more than half the countries in the world, some of them the poorest, thirstiest, and most crowded, the air is humid enough to yield huge amounts of precious water. The atmosphere contains 4 to 25 grams of water vapor per cubic meter, while the WaterMill can change 10% to 40% of that to liquid. Water vapor is constantly replenished by Earth’s natural cycle, so extracting water from the air can continue indefinitely without impacting local ecosystems.

Most nations within 30 degrees latitude of the equator actually have more vapor than they need – an average of 15 to 20 grams of water per cubic meter of air.

Residential WaterMill

The original WaterMill is designed for the residential user. It provides families with a clean, sustainable and cost-effective source of water for drinking and cooking. It produces 11 litres of water per day, and mounts to the exterior of your home, drawing water from the air outside into point-of-use systems inside. The WaterMill is self-regulating, maximizing water production, while minimizing energy consumption.

Source:  Element Four

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