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ClimbStation real climbing without safety harness – climbing treadmill




Price: 29 900 € (+delivery cost) VAT 0%

Delivery time: 8 weeks prior to order + freight time

Warranty: 24 months

About ClimbStation:

For experts and beginners. This product provides real climbing without safety harness and needs only 7 square meters floor space. With this product, your gym or health club facility will grow to 3rd. dimension. Hydraulic and automatic tilting mechanism range is set between +15 – -30 degrees steep.

You can select warm-up, medium or hard climbing levels from the touch screen display and see how high and what level you are climbing or how many calories you burned. It can be set to come harder and harder after time or you can practice your favorite level continuously. There are 12 automatic levels to choose from, plus manual settings. Fine adjustments and entering your weight for calories calculation are also an option.

User interface will guide you with your native language, as there are several languages to choose from.
Handhold’s are easy to change, reduce or increase the amount. Factory set there are 90 holds.

Mobility makes it possible to test it at your current location to prove its benefits and customers positive reaction. ClimbStation can be transported conveniently with a normal car trailer.

Multiple sensors and smart automation makes it fun and effective to use. Just select your climbing level, go to the wall and climb your speed. If you go fast, the wall rotates faster, if you stop, the wall will slow down and stop so you will have time to think your next move.


- 150 cm wide and about 6,5 meters long climbing area. (climbing belt)

- Maximum speed 17 meters per minute

- One side supported frame enables easy transportation, maintenance and less space consumption

- Requires 190cm x 360cm floor space and about 4 meters height

- Hi-res color touch screen display

- Monitors time, distance, level and calories and shows current angle

- 12 automatic, computer controlled climbing levels

- Automatic position and climbing speed control

- Manual climbing adjustments (angle, length, time, scale, speed)

- Low power consumption (peak power consumption max. 1000W)

- Automatic start feature (good for events) no need to push any buttons

- Password protection

- Coin or smart card option ready

- Owners / Technical personnel settings

- Language selections

- Owners statistics menu, hours in operation, motors running time and climbed levels amount

- Weights about 750 kilos

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