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Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan

fan hoseless evaporative

This misting outdoor fan makes a patio or deck as comfortable as an air-conditioned room without being tethered to a garden hose. Encountered in luxury resorts and outdoor cafes, the fan reduces the air temperature by as much as 30º F. by gently misting the surrounding area. Its six patented nozzles create micro-fine droplets that feel dry to the touch and evaporate almost instantly, providing refreshing cooling without the soaking spray common with lesser misting fans. An eight-gallon reservoir holds enough water for up to eight hours of continuous misting; the density of mist adjusts with a simple turn of a dial. The 30″ fan’s high-velocity three-speed motor is waterproof and can oscillate 50º, cooling up to a 1000′ sq. area. Because flying insects typically avoid wind and moisture, the fan also helps reduce these outdoor nuisances. The fan features weather-resistant powder-coated metal and plastic construction, with two wheels on the base that provide easy mobility. Plugs into AC. Height adjusts from 47″ to 60″. 30″ Diam. base

Source:  Hammacher

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