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Toilet Mug

toilet cup

Slurp down your morning cup of joe in this hilarious toilet mug. Sure to make you smile even if your day is going down the crapper!

Also fun as a candy dish on your desk!

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USB Cup Warmer

cup warmer

Burning the midnight oil cramming for an exam? So flat out at work that you barely have time to scratch yourself let alone go and make yourself a cuppa? Who doesn’t know the feeling?

…and the irritating thing is that just because you may get a chance to get away from your desk and make yourself a tea or coffee, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have time to drink it immediately!

So knowing that there’s nothing less appealing than a cuppa gone cold, the USB Cup Warmer is simply an indispensable gadget to anyone anchored to their desk.

Simply plug this decor-pleasing plate straight into your USB computer port, pop your cuppa on it and your coffee, tea, Milo or soup will be warm for hours!

Featuring a bright LED indicating that the warmer is plugged in, you can flick the unit on and off direct from the base plate which means you don’t even have to keep plugging it in when you want to use it. Better still, even if you currently use your USB port for another device such as our USB Massage Ball, you can simply connect it to the built-in USB port on the side of the cup warmer itself.

Convenient, ingenious and so simple to use – you’ll never waste another cuppa again!

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