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The Urban Wheelchair is a fully electric lifting wheelchair

modernwheelchair  The Urban Wheelchair is a fully electric lifting wheelchair

The Urban Wheelchair is a fully electric, lifting wheelchair that has been designed to address issues faced everyday by wheelchair users in an urban environment.  The main design feature is the lifting mechanism, which allows the user to be effortlessly lifted into an upright position so that may improve their reach and also help instigate face-to-face conversation.

The concept uses hubless wheels to give a modern aesthetic but also increases efficiency, using a tightly packed ball bearing system to reduce rolling resistance.  Designed to be as lightweight, yet as strong as possible, the concept is made from the highest quality materials, predominantly Grade 5 Titanium.  The side panels and wheel housings are mass-produced using casting technology, but the seat is manufactures using a rapid manufacturing technique called Selective Laser Sintering.  This digital manufacturing process enables each individual user to have an MRI scan of their body, which then allows the seat area to be molded to the exact size and shape of the user.  This customisation will remove many comfort issues currently found with traditional wheelchairs.

Powered by two Lithium-ion batteries, found either side of the seat, the Urban Wheelchair is a completely rechargeable unit and can run for a short period on one battery while the other is being charged.  These also power the 12v linear actuators which provide the lifting mechanism for the seat.

Source:  Benthorpe Design

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