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Shadow eBike – Transports you and charges your gadgets at the same time

shadow bike

The average ebike has 40 feet of wire exposed on the outside. The Shadow Ebike has no wires out in the open. Through its proprietary rim design, it has integrated the battery and controller all in one.

Wireless Throttle
Works like any other throttle. You press the lever, a signal is sent to the controller which turns on the motor. Why have wires that tangle up and can be cut causing mulfunctions.

Wireless Brake
Works like any other brake lever. You press the brake lever, a signal is sent to the controller to stop the motor. In fact, the signal is sent in reverse which regenerates the battery.

Wireless Pedal Assist
The pedal assist option does not require any difficult assembly. It can be removed or installed in 1 minute flat. It talks directly to the Daymak Drive controller

More features: USB/110V Plug – The integrated rim can be charged directly through the rim and can be used as a power generator. Plug in your phone, your notebook, a light, a small tv or anything you like!

Source:  Shadow Bike

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