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Airtrax – Omni directional high tech wheels can move sideways and backward at the same time

airtrax omni-directional technology

aitrax cobra

Airtrax make a range of warehouse vehicles that use a unique, omni-directional wheel. Controlled via a joystick instead of a wheel-and-pedals, the Airtrax system allowing the vehicles to move forwards/backwards, side-to-side or rotate within their own length.  Watch Video

Source:  Airtrax

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Touchless Stationary Vacuum Removes Swept Debris Automatically

sweep auto

  • Turns on and off automatically when debris enters IR sensor’s range
  • Cleans air with HEPA filtration
  • Ends need for germ-laden dust pans
  • Canister full indicator light

Essential Info

Save your back by avoiding the bending and scooping required by traditional dustpans. The Eye-Vac EV1850 Professional Automatic Dust Pan is a 1200-watt stationary vacuum that picks up dirt, dust, and hair instantly. Just sweep debris into the path of its always-on infrared sensors, and the Eye-Vac will vacuum it away instantly, turning off automatically when finished. It also features a manual on/off switch for added convenience. Ideal for tile, wood, vinyl, concrete, and most any non-carpeted surface, the Eye-Vac’s cyclonic vacuum action with dual-HEPA filtration ensures clean air return.

Source:  Smart Home

Popularity: 2% [?]

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SATA HDD Multi-Function Dock with One Touch Backup Data Transfer

hdd dock data transfer

USB + 2-PORT HUB + CARD READER + One Touch Backup
This SATA HDD Dock allows you to plug any 2.5″ or 3.5″ SATA Harddisk to your computer via USB port. The One Touch Backup function is the best solution as users can easily backup files and data from PC to external hard disk. It functions as a 2-port USB hub and card reader as well. The device is compatible with both PCs and Mac.


  • Supports both SATA 2.5″ HDD and 3.5″ HDD
  • PC connection: USB 2.0
  • 2-port USB hub
  • 4-Slot Card Reader
  • Standable, convenient and trendy design
  • One Touch Backup function
  • Power LED indicator
  • Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.X or higher
  • Dimension: 165.5 x 110 x 102mm
  • Weight: 236g
    *OTB function supports Windows only
  • Source:  USB Brando

    Popularity: 4% [?]

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    Watercone Solar Still – solar seawater desalination good drinking water

    drinking water conewater cone

    watercone drinking water

    Solar thermal desalination – front and forward technology to generate drinking water, based exclusively on salt water and solar energy.

    The Watercone® is a solar powered water desalinator that takes salt or brackish water and generates freshwater. It is simple to use, lightweight and mobile. The technology is simple in design and use and is discribed by simple pictograms. With up to 1,7 liters (nearly 2 quarts) in 24h the Watercone® is an ideal device to cover a child`s daily need of freshwater. UNICEF: “every day 5000 children die as a result of diarrhea coused by drinking unsafe water”

    Philosophy of the Watercone® concept:
    „Many peripheral, de-centralized small units will ensure a better supply of freshwater than one central big generator. If the big one fails, there is no water generation for anyone. If a small one fails, the other ones still keep on working.“

    Source:  Watercone

    Popularity: 52% [?]

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    iPhone and iPod Touch dock doubles as a projector

    spakz iphone projector

    eggback tripod

    Sparkz Product Projector for your iphone and ipod touch

    • handheld pico projector – only 4.5” x 3” x 2.5”
    • watch media directly from your iPhone/iPod
    • charge your iPhone/iPod while you watch
    • built-in external stereo speakers with audio out
    • high capacity battery – 2.5 hour run time per charge

    Source:  Sparkz Products

    mili ip pro  iPhone and iPod Touch dock doubles as a projector

    The MiLi Pro iPhone / iPod Video Projector

    The MiLi Pro is a breakthrough in iPhone and iPod accessory technology. It’s an iPhone / iPod compatible, rechargeable, micro video projector. The power of the PhoneSuit MiLi Battery has been coupled with the convenience of a portable video projector and speaker system. Watch all of your movies, video clips, podcasts and more with ease! Now you can carry your own personal movie theater with you, anywhere you travel.

    Innovative Micro Projector Technology

    The MiLi Pro incorporates the latest in technology, an LCOS, LED driven micro projector. This ultra-compact projector fits in the palm of your hand. It has the capability to display 640×480 high resolution images on most any viewing surface. Use the focus wheel to fine tune your image quality. Scale your iPhone’s video up to a 40 inch for screen for eye strain free, relaxed viewing.

    AV (Audio / Video) Inputs

    The MiLi Pro offers a variety of AV inputs. We include two additional cables for input sources, a VGA input cable and an RCA input cable. The VGA cable allows you to connect the MiLi Pro directly to your Laptop or PC’s VGA port. The RCA cable will allow you to connect most standard AV equipment sources such as DVD players, VCR’s, etc. You can switch between the various inputs at any time with the input source button.

    Integrated Speakers

    We’ve included built in speakers for high quality audio output. Control the volume levels via the integrated touch panel.

    Rechargeable Battery Pack

    The MiLi Pro utilizes high quality lithium-polymer battery technology for its power source. The battery pack is removable and swappable.  You can swap in an extra battery to assure you won’t lose power in the middle of your favorite movie!

    Sync and Charge

    Use our standard mini-USB cable to charge and sync your iPhone / iPod and MiLi Pro.

    MiLi Pro Compatibility

    The MiLi Pro is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 3G, 2G, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, VGA sources and RCA sources.

    Source:  Phone Suit

    Popularity: 2% [?]

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    iHandstick for iPhone 3G 3Gs iPod Touch 2 Gen 3rd Gen – iphone game grip

    iphone game grip

    To make your iPhone / iPod Touch (see compatibility below) make more friendly when you take your them as a game console.  A similar grip enjoyed by millions of Playstation gamers.

    - Light weight: 98g
    - Easy installation
    - A friendly handheld grip for your iPhone 3G / 3Gs / iPod Touch 2nd / iPod Touch 3rd when you gaming.
    - Good Hand feel

    Suitable for:
    - iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs
    - iPod Touch 2nd Gen / 3rd Gen

    Package Contents:
    - iHandstick for iPhone 3G /  3Gs / iPod Touch 2 Gen / 3rd Gen

    Source:  USB Fever

    Popularity: 4% [?]

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    8 Medical iPhone Apps You Should Prescribe to Your Health Care Professional

    iphonemonitor  8 Medical iPhone Apps You Should Prescribe to Your Health Care Professional

    It’s a safe bet that one of your doctors has an iPhone. But what you may not realize is that he or she is using it as part of your overall treatment. From reading APGAR scores to x-rays, there is a fascinating array of health-care tech available in app form. Some are created by savvy developers, while others are built out of necessity by the doctors. Currently, the FDA has no over-arching regulation in place for mobile medical apps, despite the fact that they have indicated in the past that under certain circumstances the iPhone may be considered a medical device and therefore regulated as one, according to a report by Brian Dolan on Mobihealthnews.

    “Many medical imaging software applications are considered medical devices and, as such, are regulated by the FDA,” says Justin Dearborn, CEO of Merge Healthcare. “FDA regulations mandate that rigorous processes must be followed during software development, productization, and maintenance.” Dedicated resources, domain knowledge and familiarity with standards allow companies such as Merge to speed up the submission process, but approval varies by product and the process to get an app to market, as outlined on the FDA’s Web site, is a rigorous one.

    Source:  Fast Company

    iphone monitoring

    The AirStrip OBSERVER Suite of Products

    Thanks to the innovations of AirStrip Technologies, state-of-the-art remote healthcare surveillance is now a reality at hospitals nationwide.

    The AirStrip OBSERVER Suite™ is a collection of robust, dynamic software solutions that are setting a new standard of care – affording healthcare providers in a variety of practice areas anywhere, anytime access to critical information that can improve patient safety and strengthen communication between healthcare professionals.

    The AirStrip OBSERVER Suite includes AirStrip OB™, AirStrip CARDIOLOGY™, AirStrip CRITICAL CARE™, AirStrip IMAGING™ and AirStrip LABORATORY™. AirStrip OB is already FDA cleared and the other applications in the suite are in advanced stages of development. The Suite offers the latest remote healthcare surveillance technology across multiple healthcare disciplines. For more information on the specific features and functionalities of the products within the AirStrip OBSERVER Suite.

    Source:  AirStrip

    Popularity: 2% [?]

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    Scubacraft SC3 – Watercraft goes underwater

    watercraftunderwater  Scubacraft SC3 – Watercraft goes underwater

    watercraftunderwater2  Scubacraft SC3 – Watercraft goes underwater

    Compact, lightweight and capable of carrying 3 people the SCUBACRAFT SC3 is the world’s most advanced watercraft making the undersea more accessible than ever before. Watch Video Here

    Retail Price – Available on application


    Capacity 3 persons
    Engine type 4 stroke, inline 4 cylinder DOHC
    Maximum power 160 Hp naturally aspirated
    Range 100 miles
    Mass 390 Kg
    Surface performance 50 mph
    Payload 400 Kg
    Maximum depth 30 meters standard (50 meters optional)


    Overall length 4.5 meters
    Overall width 2.1 meters
    Overall height 1.8 meters


    Advanced twin tunnel hull
    Intuitive manual dive controls
    ADC (Automated Depth control)
    Surface VHF radio and underwater communications
    Location equipment: SMB pod, EPIRB and navigation lights
    Onboard GPS and dive computer
    Manually activated dive procedure
    Onboard air supply with reserve
    Integrated storage and equipment racks
    Multiple dive capability


    Exceptionally strong composite monocoque
    Low speed stability
    High speed dynamic lift
    Jet powered, air cushioned ride
    Highly manoeuvrable


    Underwater filming platform
    Imaging sonar
    Custom trailer
    Lighting and equipment racks
    Service packages

    Source:  ScubaCraft

    Popularity: 2% [?]

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    Piano Stairs – Making it fun for people to use the stairs

    This site is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.

    Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do?

    Source:  The Fun Theory

    Popularity: 1% [?]

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    Open your Mercedes with your iphone mbrace app

    hughesmercedesdoorlock  Open your Mercedes with your iphone mbrace app

    hughes mercedes door lock

    Hughes Telematics recently announced its partnership with Mercedes-Benz on the automaker’s new line of “mbrace” mobile telematics solutions. The system, which connects mbrace-equipped vehicles with an app installed on the user’s Apple iPhone or RIM Blackberry, allows people to lock and unlock their doors, contact roadside assistance, get in touch with a local dealer or find their vehicle in a crowded parking lot. It’s a relatively trick technology that we spent some time with at the LA Auto Show, and there’s plenty of potential on the horizon.
    Although the functionality is pretty basic so far, it’s seamlessly integrated with the vehicle and covers the most essential elements of telematics setup.

    The user logs in and enters a pin (required every time you use the app for security and safety reasons) and then can choose between three tabs:

    • Vehicle: Lock and unlock doors, vehicle location and assistance
    • Dealer: Contact a local dealer or find one nearby
    • Account: Manage your account with M-B, make payments, etc.

    The interface on the iPhone is decidedly more sexy than the Blackberry – no surprise considering the age of RIM’s OS – but both systems work as advertised and the potential for expansion is easy to envision.

    Hughes representatives hinted at the possibility of diagnostic, maintenance reminders and a summary of daily driving information (mpg, fuel efficiency, miles traveled, etc.), along with integration with the vehicle’s navigation system to find preferred routes to and from a location based on traffic conditions. Nothing revolutionary, but that’s not what it’s about – it’s about integration. The rest will flow as the systems get more complex and assimilated into the vehicle’s internal systems. Naturally, there’s plenty of talk about lifestyle applications, covering music, messaging, note-taking and other seemingly simple programs currently available on most smartphones.

    Source:  Auto Blog

    Popularity: 2% [?]

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