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Power8 Portable Workshop

The world´s first cordless workstation. Ideal for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, the set includes a stainless steel armoured case which when combined with the four 18-volt cordless tools transforms them into their powerful benchtop equivalents.

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Yoke Shopper allows you to carry more bags with less effort

Comfortably carry your shopping bags on your shoulder or across your body


Carrying shopping home can be a real drag. Heavy shopping bags pulling on your arms, plastic bag handles cutting into your fingers and then your mobile phone rings!

The Yoke Shopper will securely lock together a number of plastic shopping bags and most ‘Bags for Life’. Its versatile design allows you to comfortably carry all of your shopping on your shoulder or across your body – now your hands are free

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SensorPlug – Motion Activated Electrical Outlet

Sensor Plug

With SensorPlug, you’ll have motion activated electrical outlets — not just lights!

SensorPlug Motion Sensor Outlet is a Motion Activated Plug-in Electrical Outlet. Its plug-in design eliminates wiring and associated expenses common with other motion activated products.

Sensor Plug – Motion Activated Electrical Outlet (SensorPlug)Stop stumbling around in the dark trying to turn on a light by clapping your hands. The SensorPlug simply plugs into a wall socket and when it detects motion, it turns on any electrical device that is plugged into it: lamp, radio or fan even your TV. It’s ideal for home, garage or office for safety and as a burglary deterrent.

When set for lighting, our SensorPlug will activate only when motion is detected AND lighting is low.

A 2-5 minute timer turns off power to any device if motion is not detected; timer resets to zero each time motion is detected so things stay on while you’re in a room. Each SensorPlug comes with a spare fuse and securing screw.

Product Features

• Passive infrared sensor has 60-90 degree detection angle with 20′ range
• Set for lights or non-light uses
• Includes replaceable fuse and screws for permanent installation
• UL listed

Source:  Sensor Plug

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Digital Peephole Viewer Safe Solution For Home Security


Why the Digital Peephole Viewer?

The most basic home security is the front door. This is the primary entry point in the home, and the method to indentify who is there has not changed in many years.
Ask who is there and wait for a verbal response
? This is only useful if you know the person and recognize the voice
The optical peephole has been around for over 40 years and is the best option to actually see who is at the door.
? The image quality is poor
? In low light the image may not be easy to identify
? The user must place an eye to the door thus darkening the peephole and signaling he is home
? The height is not right for all people
The PeepHole Viewer is the digital equivalent of the optical peephole with some major benefits
? Simple push button to see large image without darkening the peephole
? Clear image in LCD Panel on door, easy to see for people of any height
? Compensation for low light images
? Compensation for “fish eye” distortion

Source:  Digital Peephole

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