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Feel What You’ve Been Missing – Feel the impact tactile gaming vest

tacticle gaming vest

Feel What You’ve Been Missing: Physical 3D!

The 3RD Space Vest is the gaming peripheral you’ve always dreamed would become reality. It lets you FEEL the game’s action as it happens all around you. The Vest is a serious piece of air-powered, impact-generating computer gaming hardware designed to immerse you in the heat of the battle like never before.

Sense the direction and force of bullet fire, crushing explosions, and fear-inducing finger taps, perfectly synced with the on-screen action, through the Vest’s 8 active zones [4 Front / 4 Back]. 3RD Space redefines force feedback, bringing you a unique Physical 3D gaming experience.

Don’t Just Play… Play Smarter, Play Better

What would you do if your enemy shot back…and you felt those shots hit you? Whether playing on your home PC, custom gaming rig, console, or at multiplayer LAN parties, you’ll find the answer as the Vest alters your strategy and amplifies the game’s intensity, frag after frag after frag.

Source:  TN Games

Popularity: 4% [?]

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Impact Video Game Vest – Feel the Punches

impactgamevest  Impact Video Game Vest – Feel the Punches

Forget about rumbling, buzzing joypads. PC gaming just got a whole lot more realistic thanks to the incredible 3rd Space FPS Vest. This state of the art flak jacket utilises patented pneumatic technology to simulate bullet hits, punches, body slams, explosions and much more. It can even simulate the precise direction and force of bullet fire and replicate fear-inducing finger taps on your shoulders. Aargh! Who’d have guessed being shot, walloped, whacked and smacked could be so entertaining?

The USB-friendly 3rd Space FPS Vest takes first person shooter-style games to unparalleled levels of realism. Not that we’ve ever been shot. It’s just that this hi-tech peripheral plunges you right into the thick of it like never before. Believe us, the tension becomes pant-wettingly unbearable when you’re wearing this body-bashing baby.

Source:  Fire Box

Popularity: 3% [?]

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