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Handheld GPS Navigator and Mobile Phone with Internet

gps mobile phone

Handheld GPS Navigator: Providing clear, reliable, and fast directions to any place you want to go. Users can even send a web link with their exact location (using Google Maps latitude/longitude) directly to any cell phone through SMS. Even better, this Portable GPS Navigator has a SMS self-tracker function that allows cell phones with access to request the location of the device!

Mobile Phone: With the built-in speaker and microphone, users can turn this Portable GPS navigator into a complete communications device. Dial a number directly, or one-click contacts through the phonebook for quick and easy phone calls. You can even send/receive SMS messages or go online through GPRS to check your email and surf the web – all directly from the GPS navigator!

Portable Media Player: Delivering high quality digital entertainment in a powerful handheld form. Complete with a crystal clear 4.3 touchscreen and external speaker, this Portable GPS Navigator provides reliable playback for all of your favorite video, audio, photo and e-book files. Do all this from anywhere – in your car, while walking, riding your bicycle, or even waiting on the street.

This Handheld GPS Navigator comes with a compact and portable design that holds a huge range of functions, fulfilling your every communications, entertainment, and navigational needs. Available in our warehouse now, order today and we’ll express ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale electronics – Chinavasion.

At a Glance…

* Convenient Handheld GPS Navigator + Mobile Phone + Internet all-in-one tech gadget
* Bluetooth enabled
* Built-in microphone and speaker
* 4.3 inch widescreen glare free touchscreen
* Watch movies, listen to music, read e-books
* Surf the internet
* Make phone calls and send SMS messages using any GSM SIM card (not included)
* Supports all of today’s popular GPS navigation software

Source:  ChinaVasion

Popularity: 4% [?]

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Personal Pocket GPS locator – Back track to your car

gps locator

Never get lost again! This worldwide GPS will always show you the way back to where you started, and is perfect for hikers, skiers, snowboarders, outdoors types, when travelling and can even help you find your car!

This small and easy to use GPS system uses the latest GPS technology. Its great for finding your way back in any situation, and is simple to use – all you have to do is lock in your base location, go where you need to go, and it’ll show you the way back.

The GPS system uses satellites to find your location within a few meters and then calculates the direction and distance to the start point. It can track up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds for accurate information. The system can be used globally, and has no additional service fees, does not require additional software, and comes with a re-chargeable battery.

The GPS unit shows you the direction (with a digital arrow) and will also tell you the compass direction and distance to your base point. You can store up to 3 given base locations at any time (these can be changed as you chose, but could include home, your car, your hotel etc.)

It’s great for peace of mind if you go to unknown areas as you’ll always be able to get home again, and is perfect for outdoor activities, when travelling, for children, seniors and anyone who has a tendency to get lost.

Examples of use:

  • Find your car in a parking lot, at the mall, airport, game or theme park
  • Like to travel? Use it anywhere in the world to find your way back to your hotel
  • Great for recreational uses: use it for hiking, biking, camping, or fishing. Lock it and return to those secret fishing and camping spots.
  • Love the water boating and jet skis? The GPS will guide you back, day or night.


  • GPS locator system
  • Use it worldwide
  • Stores up to 3 locations at any time
  • Tracking distance of 9,999 miles
  • Tracks up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds.
  • Easy to use
  • Compact Key Fob size
  • Global range
  • No service fees
  • No software required
  • Rechargeable battery ( charges via a USB port)
  • Size: 7cm x 4cm x 1.2cm

Source:  Boys Stuff

Popularity: 2% [?]

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iPhone-friendly Dash-Mat – Good for all GPS

gpsbeanie  iPhone-friendly Dash-Mat – Good for all GPS

If you think balancing a map on one knee is tricky, try balancing a satnav or iPhone on your dashboard. Yes, you can suction-cup ‘em to the windscreen but that leaves tell-tale marks of the ‘in here Mr Thieving Yobbo’ variety. Besides, suckers have a habit of plopping off just when you need to glance at some pixellated gyratory system. That’s why it pays to steady your route-spewing gizmos with a supremely portable bean-filled mat.

Source:  FireBox

Popularity: 3% [?]

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GPS Tracking and Anti theft Dog Collar

dog gps

If you think your dog is special then so do we. Over three years of research and development we have designed a product that outperforms every other tracking product in this sector.

If you have ever wondered why:

  • most other dog trackers are only shower proof rather than waterproof (strange, but true)
  • or why they hang limply beneath your dog’s head and away from the necessary GPS signal
  • or only last a day before needing to be recharged (assuming you remember)
  • or may not send location data straight to your mobile phone
  • or it won’t create safe areas whenever you want without having to find a computer first
  • or be easily removed and discarded by anyone with a mind to do it

…then so were we. Then we realised that other people were just trying to sell technology and didn’t understand the real problems faced by dog owners.

So we decided to look at the problem from the perspective of the dog and its owner and the outcome was the Retrieva GPS tracking and anti-theft collar. It is carefully designed, practical, lockable, and waterproof and will find your dog for you as well as protect it from the risk of theft. It is not just an ugly tracking box with no energy and very few tricks.

The Retrieva™ collar can send your dog’s location straight to the palm of your hand and plot itself on digitally enhanced topographical mapping (available for most phones) or Google maps, report to computers armed with satellite mapping, talk to friends and family, or in fact communicate virtually anywhere you like.

It will not only tell you where your dog is but even let you know if your dog decides to leave home and take an unscheduled walk. And because having to recharge something every day is impractical and most likely to be forgotten when you need it the most, our collar is designed with a power management system that extends the intervals between recharging to a likely to 5-7 days in normal use.

Finally, the collar is very difficult to remove by someone not authorised to do so, and if an attempt is made it has enough sense to tell you about it. And because we know that your dog needs you as much as you need them we have designed a personal panic button on to the buckle. So should you ever feel lost, hurt or threatened whilst out walking your dog you know that friends and family can quickly find you both.

Source:  Retrieva Tracking

Popularity: 2% [?]

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GPS Pet Tracker

gps snooper

Snooper’s Pet Tracker will let you locate the exact position of your pet any time, day or night with no monthly subscriptions! Snooper Pet Tracker uses a combination of GPS, GPRS and GSM technology so you can monitor the unit at any time by simply accessing Snooper’s FREE on-line mapping facility or on your own mobile phone with suitable mapping installed. Simply call the device from your mobile phone and the your Pet Tracker will return the co-ordinates of it’s position via an SMS message.

Source:  SnooperUK

Popularity: 6% [?]

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Blackline GPS vehicle and boat tracking

blacklinegps  Blackline GPS vehicle and boat tracking

blackline gps screen

We’re all about enhancing the quality of your life and peace-of-mind—by bringing you products that PROTECT what is most valuable to you, be they prized possessions like cars and boats, or even your own family members… let you SHARE the locations of those people and things, with family, friends and co-workers… and CONNECT you with that information—and one another—in real time and on demand.

Protect your vehicle as never before with the most-effective permanently installed GPS security alerting and tracking system available. And it’s from ESCORT, the leading authority in radar and laser detection for more than 30 years.

Powerfully combining always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and motion-sensing technology that activates from your own keychain, plus the exclusive, instantly-triggered BlacklineGPS Recovery & Monitoring Service™ to speed the return of your stolen vehicle, the Entourage CIS is your extra layer of assurance for the things you value most.

Source:  Blackline GPS

Popularity: 4% [?]

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Kolimat Roadscan motion-activated dual lens video and data recorder for your car

roadscan  Kolimat Roadscan motion-activated dual lens video and data recorder for your car

Kolimat Roadscan DTW 1.0 is the new motion-activated dual lens video and data recorder with audio and full GPS that overlay Google Earth™ Satellite images. Pictures are taken at regular intervals to compliment the GPS data. You can review the events right on the camera. The memory holds up to 60 events plus 12 hours of continuous recording, stored in a special memory section of the SD card. The video timing is adjustable and goes up to 30 seconds before to 30 seconds after, with the vehicle speed shown on the software screen.

Catastrophic events such as crashes that are above a preset “G” force level, (3 indipendent axis motion detection) cannot be overwritten. Kolimat Roadscan DTW 1.0 is also equipped with an infra red LED for interior night vision,remote panic button, taxicam software capabilities and WiFi downloading, capable of communicating through other onboard equipment (WiFi, cellular and satellite). The software is installed quickly and easily and is user friendly. There are no continuing fees and the software is included in the price.

Source:  Kolimat

Popularity: 3% [?]

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Use this convenient cup holder mount for your GPS

gps cup

Keep your valuable GPS off the windshield and dash, where it’s exposed to direct sunlight and thieving eyes.
Use this convenient cup holder mount for your portable unit instead. Also stores wires out-of-sight in base.

Source:  Things You Never Knew Existed

Popularity: 1% [?]

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Keychain GPS Find Your Way Back To Your Car GPS – Great For Hikers Too

gps eco

gps callout

Watch Video

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car at the mall or airport? Have you ever lost your way when hiking or biking or traveling in a foreign place. IDC Design Corporation offers a first of its kind Ecco™, the Personal Pocket GPS Locator, used for returning to an exact location. This hi-tech, rechargeable, reverse navigation system is lightweight, low-cost, accurate, and the size of a key fob.

Never Get Lost Again!

Small & Easy to Use GPS System

  • Innovative use of the latest GPS technology
  • Great for finding your way back in any situation
  • Simple to use, just lock, go & return
  • Displays arrow, direction, & distance
  • Store up to 3 locations[car, home, hotel, etc]
  • Peace of mind, perfect for seniors, adults, and children


  • Tracks up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds
  • Tracking distance up to 9999 miles
  • Locks in up to three locations
  • Rechargeable battery USB connection at home, computer, or in your car
  • Highly sensitive GPS receiver provides faster acquisition times and improved tracking capabilities
  • Built in electronic compass that provides bearing information while you’re standing still, always pointing you in the general direction
  • Display directional arrow, direction and distance counts down as you move closer to your saved location and counts up as you move farther away
  • The smallest GPS system, sleek, stylish that can slide in your pocket or purse with ease

Source:  Design Corp

Popularity: 3% [?]

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If the Delivery Guy Drops Your Package Senseaware Updates You Online

senseaware  If the Delivery Guy Drops Your Package Senseaware Updates You Online

FedEx unveils Senseaware, a drop-in sensor for packages that monitors everything from nasty falls to boxes being opened.

Speed isn’t good enough when you’re shipping something like transplant supplies for emergency surgery or tissue samples. You also need to be perfectly sure that what you’re sending hasn’t been compromised for even a second along the way. FedEx has come up with an answer: Senseaware, a drop-in sensor that pings the status of its contents to the Web, including temperature, exact location, and whether the shipment has been opened or exposed to light. There’s even an accelerometer, for detecting drops. Having already completed a beta test, Senseaware will now be deployed with 50 FedEx medical clients this spring.

“Four years ago, we started thinking about the next-generation alternatives to RFID,” says Mark Hamm, FedEx’s VP of Innovation. What they came up with is a Web-platform, combined with a sensor the size of a Blackberry, loaded with temperature and light meters, as well as GPS and a cellular antennae. (During plane rides, the device automatically goes into sleep mode, monitoring data but temporarily silencing the data relays.) Thus, as a shipment goes out, its location can be tracked to within feet of where it is at any second, and the Web interface registers its condition in real-time–a device/platform ecosystem that Hamm likens to iPod/iTunes.

Source:  Senseaware

Popularity: 1% [?]

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