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Hanging Monkeys Hangers

hanging monkey

orget the 3 wise monkeys – get yourself a set of Hanging Monkeys! Don’t worry about hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil – with the Hanging Monkeys it’s see no mess, make no mess, love no mess!

Of course, you may be wondering, why monkeys, why not gorillas? Perhaps because they live on the ground. Gibbons – too noisy. Orang-utans – too slow. Baboons – well, the name says it all! If you feel like half of your family is still dragging it’s knuckles along the ground, and the mess is driving you bananas, these champion chimps will not let you down.

These 3 funky little primates help you keep the clutter off the floor and on the door! Whenever you look for your gear, it’ll be right there – safe and sound and off the ground.

They’re great for the kids room – but it’s really Mum and Dad who are getting the present! No more tripping over school bags in the middle of the night. No more “Mum, have you seen my…” – everything is exactly where it should be.

Available in black or white, Hanging Monkeys (set of 3) are designed to hang over just about any door – using one arm to hold on and their tail and toes to hook onto hats, bags, clothes or whatever you want up and out of the way (or out of reach of little hands).

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Rethink Hanger Is A Clever Water Bottle Hanger – Great for Traveling

rethink hanger

what it is

The rethink concepts hanger turns two ordinary plastic beverage bottles into a unique clothes hanger by screwing the bottles into the hook.

turning everyday ordinary into extraordinary

The rethink hanger presents a way to encourage the reuse of already consumed items by forming a new functional product.

Source:  Rethink Concepts

Popularity: 2% [?]

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