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The World’s Most Secure Portable Hard Drive

data locker

Data security is serious business.

The Data Locker® Secure Drive was created to give you peace of mind in the event that your data is lost or stolen. Your data is secured by an up-to 18 digit PIN number which is entered directly on the device itself. The Data Locker utilizes a hardware based encryption chip to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt your data using military grade AES / CBC mode encryption.

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Put your data in the cloud with Pogoplug


Watch Video

Share Everything

The Pogoplug connects your USB drive to the Internet so you can easily share and access your files from anywhere.

The Pogoplug is the perfect accessory to your connected life. Imagine accessing all your files and media at home from any laptop or desktop computer, anywhere in the world, or sharing this content with friends and family without having to upload. There’s even an iPhone application so you can always “phone home” to get your files!

Easy to Install

All the files from your external hard drive can be viewed or downloaded through your Web browser, with no need to download or install extra software.

Full Web Access

Installing your Pogoplug is as simple as connecting two cables, then visiting our website. No need to call your office networking guy, we’ll do all the work for you!

iPhone Support

Access all your media from an iPhone, and even send new pictures from your iPhone straight to your home, with a single click.

Works Just Like Your Hard Drive

Your Pogoplug is accessible through Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. It’s just like using a drive that is directly connected to your computer.

Safe, Simple Sharing

Easily share your home videos and photos with friends and family. No uploading required!


Pogoplug is getting even better all the time. Our system is expandable over the Web. Soon, your Pogoplug can connect directly to popular sites such as backup, file synchronization, photo printing and more.

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Popularity: 2% [?]

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Linksys Remote Network Storage System – Multi-computer file sharing

linksys network

linksys network

From the Manufacturer Introducing the new Linksys Network Storage System. Now you can quickly and easily add storage capacity to your network with greater ease. Organize your life into one media library. Rip your music and movie library and store them digitally. Share your photos, videos, and music files with everyone on your network. Access them anytime, anywhere–even across the world! Protect your precious data automatically.

  • Two drive bays and two USB ports for exceptional expandability
  • Share files locally or through the Internet
  • Rest easy with one-touch backup or schedule automatic backups
  • Standalone device: doesn’t require a PC to be on

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Popularity: 2% [?]

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eRases all data cleanly from your hard drive

Drive eRazer

Quick and Easy Hardware Solution that completely erases all data from a hard drive.

Before you dispose of or replace your hard drive … Remember all the data you saved on it …

  • Credit card numbers
  • Corporate data
  • Email address book / contact list
  • Email conversations
  • Financial data
  • Legal documents
  • Passwords
  • Personal photos of friends and family
  • Social Security numbers
  • Software license keys
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Web browser’s history

Did you know?

  • Deleting a file does not erase it from your hard drive!
  • Formatting a hard drive does not erase the hard drive!
  • It’s possible (and sometimes easy) for someone else to recover files if you don’t dispose of them properly!

What is Drive eRazer?
WiebeTech’s newest hardware solution completely erases all data from a hard drive quickly and easily. Stand-alone operation. No computer required! Faster than software.

Why use hardware?
Drive eRazer is faster than software programs, and Drive eRazer doesn’t tie up a computer. What’s more, it’s far easier. Simply connect it to a drive and flip a switch. No computer needed.

How fast is it?
Faster than software. A conservative estimate is 35MB/s. A 250GB drive would be fully erased in under two hours.*

How safe is it?
Very. Drive eRazer writes zeros over every bit of your drive. After it’s done, there’s nothing left to recover. For those who want even more assurance, we offer a Pro model which is capable of secure erase, a method of drive wiping built into the firmware of many hard drives.

1. Single-Pass mode (Standard and Pro Model)
A single data pattern is written one time across the whole disk, deleting blocks including partitions and Host Protected Areas. Verification is also done after a single pass.

2. Secure Erase mode (Pro Model only)
The Pro model offers the ability to perform a “Secure Erase” pass. Secure Erase, built into modern hard drives, is a NIST certified method of wiping a hard drive – and it’s now supported by Drive eRazer Pro.

How is Secure Erase mode different from single pass mode?

Secure Erase is a feature on many modern hard drives (greater than 15GB). This feature ships in the drive’s firmware (written by the factory), and Drive eRazer can activate it at a hardware level.

Like single pass mode, Secure Erase mode also sequentially overwrites every single bit/track on the hard drive. Both modes overwrite data left at the end of partly overwritten blocks and directories. It better handles, however, data on “bad blocks” (single pass may stop and report an error at a bad block).

Secure Erase could be considered even more safe, too, since manufacturers will trigger specialized clearing commands, making sure to clear any drifting data in the otherwise untouched track margins on the drive platter.

Source:  Wiebetech

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