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57 Ways To Cure A Headache


With the help of these 57 ways to cure a headache, you can learn more about dozens of ways to help your problem before trying them out. With several entries in categories ranging from traditional to alternative, you are likely to find several ways to cure a headache.

Source:  MRI Technician Schools

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MigraSpray Advanced Relief for Migraine Headaches


Rapid Relief for Migraines- Works in Minutes, Not Hours!

Get relief in minutes, not hours with MigraSpray®! One bottle of MigraSpray® lasts for three-weeks when used each day for relieving or reducing the onset of migraine attacks.

MigraSpray® is effective in relieving migraine headache attacks AND is also highly effective in reducing the occurence of migraines.

* No side effects or drug interaction!
* Relieves the pain and symptoms of migraine headaches in less than 7 minutes on average.

Order NOW and receive one bottle of fast acting MigraSpray® (30ml) perfect for daily use or fast-acting relief of a migraine attack in less than 7 minutes.

Preventing Migraines
Dr. Fred Pescatore, Director of the Centers for Integrative and Complimentary Medicine in New York City and Dallas, has been conducting a study with his own patients by having them use MigraSpray® once a day, every day, in order to prevent the onset of migraine. Of the patients that use MigraSpray® on a continual daily basis 90% do not get a migraine again! When using MigraSpray to prevent migraines from occurring, you take 10 sprays under the tongue every day first thing in the morning or right before bed. Hold the daily dose of MigraSpray under your tongue for a minimum of thirty seconds before swallowing, just as you would when using it for acute relief.

Source:  Healthy Shopping

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“Migraine Magic Plus” Stress Relieving Massager

migraine magic plus

Do you suffer from migraines, double vision or dry eyes? Now you can manage sinus pressure, eye fatique, headaches and more with this uniquely engineered new and improved “Migraine Magic Plus” Helps relieve the tension that result in eye strain, blood shot eyes, dry eyes, focusing difficulty, blurred vision, double vision and headaches. “Migraine Magic Plus” is a massaging eye mask that features poly magnetic feelers that stimulate and restore circulation around the eyes making you feel refreshed and revived. Increases blood circulation to improve skin tone and elasticity and allows for restful nights by inducing a state of relaxation. Simple position “Migraine Magic Plus” around your head with the adjustable headband for perfect fit. With a push of the on/off switch located on the front of the unit, you can begin enjoying one of the two massaging intensities and wave good-bye to the stress and tension that can lead to migraines.

  • Stress Relieving Eye Massager
  • Improves Circulation 2 Power Levels
  • Dark Mirrored Lens Filters Light
  • Soft Silicone Fingers Have Built in Magnets
  • Adjustable Elastic Band-One Size Fits All

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