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Ear Pressure Equaliser – Relief from blocked ear pressure

earreliefpressure  Ear Pressure Equaliser – Relief from blocked ear pressure

Instant relief from ‘blocked’ ears and ear pressure pain. This pressure equaliser was invented by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, so it’s entirely safe to use. Rising external pressure during flights, mountain climbing, skiing or diving etc slightly deforms our eardrums, and the resulting ‘blockage’ can be severely painful. This gadget works by producing a counteractive negative pressure inside your ear, relaxing the ear drum and Eustachian tube to allow air back into the middle ear. It’s a neat pocket size so it’s easy to carry with you, and a safety valve limits the suction force so it can never create too much pressure. Simply unwind the tube and insert the earpiece in your ear, then press the membrane gently for instant relief.

  • Safe for any age 3 years +
  • CE tested
  • Complies with Medical Directive 93/42/EC
  • Australian TV innovation award winner on ‘The New Inventors’
  • Comes with 3 ear piece sizes
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year guarantee
  • 3½” x 2” x 1” (9 x 5.2 x 2.5cm)

Source:  Expert Verdict

Popularity: 4% [?]

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Dr Oxygen provides you with revitalising oxygen at any time

pureoxygen  Dr Oxygen provides you with revitalising oxygen at any time

Dr Oxygen – oxygen on tap for vital energy. Did you know we can live around 40 days without food and 4 days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen? Although we constantly breathe oxygen into our lungs from the air around us, many factors such as stress, alcohol, lack of exercise and ageing can leave us in short supply and lead to tiredness and lack of concentration. Dr Oxygen provides you with revitalising oxygen at any time, without electricity or batteries. Extra refill pack of 10 powder sachets also available separately.

  • Simply fill the container with water and add a sachet of the special powder, then take a deep breath and enjoy the benefits instantly
  • Great for sports recovery too
  • 99% pure oxygen
  • Combats lack of energy and concentration
  • Revitalises body and mind
  • Easy to use – no power source required
  • Water container 10” x 8” x 4” (25 x 20 x 11cm)
  • Pack includes breathing mask, nose plugs (plus 3 spares) and powder for 10 applications

Source:   Expert Verdict

Popularity: 2% [?]

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57 Ways To Cure A Headache


With the help of these 57 ways to cure a headache, you can learn more about dozens of ways to help your problem before trying them out. With several entries in categories ranging from traditional to alternative, you are likely to find several ways to cure a headache.

Source:  MRI Technician Schools

Popularity: 3% [?]

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Inflatable balloon based device limits deaths due to profuse bleeding

balloon wound

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Inflatable Device Stops the Bleeding

A fast, efficient balloon-based system could save lives on the street and battlefield.

Uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of death on the battlefield, and according to military medical experts, it accounts for 80 percent of otherwise preventable deaths. One problem is that there are no effective treatments for deep, penetrating wounds, which are too severe for gauze packing and are in areas where a tourniquet cannot be applied. To stop life-threatening bleeding in such instances, Maynard Ramsey, the chief executive officer and chief technology officer at CardioCommand, a Tampa, FL-based medical device company, has developed a balloon-based system that can be inserted into a wound and inflated in less than 90 seconds.

Source:  Technology Review

Popularity: 2% [?]

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Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager – Back Relief


Back2Life Continuous Motion Massager

Helps relieve low back discomfort in minutes a day—no drugs, stretches or costly therapies.  Tired of back discomfort slowing you down? Get Back2Life®, the revolutionary device that gently and naturally helps align the spine, relieve pressure and discomfort.Just lie back and relax, while Back2Life® does the work for you. Back2Life® uses a revolutionary technique called Continuous Passive Motion to gently and comfortably lift your tailbone and flex the spine. Over time, this slow, rhythmic motion helps align the spine, relieve pressure and discomfort and improve mobility.

Use for just 12 minutes in the morning and 12 minutes in the evening—that’s it!
No aggressive kneading, no stretching, and no expensive treatment sessions. Using Back2Life® is truly relaxing—you won’t feel any drastic movements, yet over time the slow, steady, motion gently stretches your spine, while loosening tight muscles and relieving pressure and discomfort. Adjusts to accommodate different heights (from 4′8″ to 6′6″). Designed for individuals up to 300 lbs. Brochure, manual and instructional DVD included.

“Back2Life’s gentle, all-natural approach to relieving back discomfort is truly revolutionary!” Dr. Marc Darrow, MD, J.D.

Source:  Brookstone

Popularity: 2% [?]

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iBalance enhances metabolism, improves health and sleep


Your every day health accessory!

The ibalance enhances metabolism and improves the quality of your health and sleep. Neutralising the build up of positive ions caused by modern living, combining eastern wisdom and modern science the ibalance is designed to improve your general wellbeing. Wear the ibalance around your neck all day to soothe fatigue and stress caused by work or exercise. A great product for any age.

• Negative ions encourage blood circulation and metabolism

• Maintains natural body balance improves sleep quality and thus allows the pleasure of a stress free life

• Neutralises acids caused by stress and environmental pollution by increasing the alkaline level of your body

• Can be worn 24 hours a day, ensuring optimal health condition round the clock, anywhere anytime.

• Convenient safe and reliable 16cm in length

• Made in Japan

What are the benefits of negative ions?
Generally those living in an urban environment tend to lead a more hectic lifestyle with additional stress from their work and daily lives. Contributed by the background environmental pollutions the human body accumulated surplus positive ions (acids) that make one more venerable to stress and fatigue. Negative ions are capable of lifting the alkaline levels inside our bodies, this will neutralize the acids and improve a better balance of heath.

What are the impacts of ions on our health?
Negative ions facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism by lifting body temperature.  This improves the quality of our sleep and sooths tiredness from sore muscles caused by work or exercise. This reveals the reason why people living in rural areas wake up in the morning with energy while those living in cities easily feel washed out even after long hours of sleep.

Source:  Oregon Scientific

Popularity: 1% [?]

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