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Picks up distant voices with amazing clarity – Hearing Aid

hearing aids

Amplifies sounds by up to 50dB. No annoying cables. Features a practical ear hook and only weighs 0.6 oz.

If your hearing is deteriorating, this tiny little hearing aid will be a real help. What you missed out on in the past will be easy to understand again. At the opera or at concerts, you can once again clearly hear onstage dialogue, even from the back rows. Never again will you struggle to hear what is spoken on television. Take full part in your family discussions once again. Nobody will snigger at your hearing aid, because this one looks just like the headset for a mobile phone.
The compact housing contains a microphone sensitive enough to pick up the slightest chirp from a cricket. The built-in amplifier produces the entire sound range in your environment.
Infinitely adjustable volume for amplification up to 50dB. Outstanding sound quality.
You’ll still be able to hear very quiet sounds 15 metres away. Measures (without ear hook) about 6 x 1.8 x 3cm (2 2?3″ x 3?4″ x 1 2?5″) (H x W x D); weighs just 17g (0.6 oz). After a 30 minute charge, the built-in Lithium rechargeable battery will operate up to 12 hours. Includes 230V power supply unit. 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Pro-Idee extends the guarantee to 3 years.

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