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Hexacopter super fast flying helicopter


This Hexacopter is no toy, that’s for certain. Forget about your ideas of little flying models puttering around a field, peeps, this thing screams. The rate of ascent in ‘elevator mode’ is just amazing. Watch the video below. If you fancy your hand at making one of these, you’ll apparently need around $1500.00 and a good dash of soldering skills.

Source:  Red Ferret

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Airgyro Sportcopter 2 Personal Sport Plane

airgyro sportcopter 2 personal sport plane

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The Sportcopter 2 has features like no other two-place gyroplane on the market today. The fully composite cabin design makes for the most aerodynamic and good looking gyroplane on the market. The cabin and engine of the SS are completely enclosed, with removable doors and engine cowling, giving it all-weather capability, simplified maintenance, added propeller efficiency and effective protection of vital components. It has a hydraulic pre-rotator, the strongest rotorhead on a gyroplane, disc brakes, and a very large stabilizer system that includes fixed vertical stabilzers followed by the steerable rudder, and a large horizontal stabilizer. The frame itself is made of steel.

Source:  AirGyro

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