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The Half Acre Natural Attractant Mosquito Trap

mosquito trap

Winner of the Ideas, Inventions, and Novelties Exhibition (IENA) award for invention, this is the superior insect trap that uses no pesticides, yet mimics the natural conditions of human habitation by emitting light, warmth, and carbon dioxide to attract, trap, and kill nuisance insects. Unlike propane gas systems that require refills, or electrocution systems that pose sanitation problems by releasing pathogens into the air when an insect is disintegrated, carbon dioxide attractant is generated when warm ultraviolet rays from two fluorescent bulbs irradiate the trap’s funnel which is coated with titanium dioxide; carbon dioxide is the same gas expelled by humans during respiration and is the primary source of attraction for mosquitoes. Once insects enter the funnel at the upper part of the trap, they are suctioned and immobilized into the trap’s retaining cage by a quiet fan where they remain until they die of dehydration. The trap has a range of a half acre, and it can be used indoors or outdoors;

Source:  Hammacher

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