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Music Infused Beanie Hat

ipod cap

COMPATIBILITY: Designed for 1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th generation Apple iPod Nano. Also compatible with Nike + iPod system. One size fits all.

DETAILS: Fabric color white with grey and pink silk screen logos. Pink tag and embroidery logo. Internal wiring system + detachable speakers included. Custom thin speaker casing provides increased sound quality and bass response eliminating the dorky ear muff look.

FABRIC CONTENT: Outer material: 100% Acrylic, Inner material: 100% Polyester Fleece.

AWARE: This product helps support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Source:  iThreesixty

Popularity: 13% [?]

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Stereo Bluetooth Headset with iPod Adapter

bluetooth headset

This Stereo Bluetooth Headset with iPod Adapter provides simply the best sound quality for listening wirelessly via Bluetooth ®. High-definition 3D surround sound makes these noise-isolating earbuds from Motorola ® the best headset for listening wirelessly to your iPod ® or MP3 player.

  • Included Frontgate-exclusive iPod Bluetooth adapter for dockable iPod models 4G or later enables wireless streaming
  • Lightweight behind-the-head style is stable and comfortable
  • Built-in microphone allows you to take calls hands-free with your Bluetooth-enabled phone
  • 30-ft. range
  • Up to 6 hours on a single charge
  • Carrying case included

Source:  Frontgate

Popularity: 13% [?]

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Dexim’s solar-powered P-Flip power for your iphone

iphone dock charger

Dexim has launched five new accessories to be used with the iPod, iPhone and BlackBerry at CES 2010. One of the more clever offerings is the solar-powered P-Flip foldable power pack. The power pack can be flipped horizontally or vertically for hands-free viewing and is capable of extending talk time by up to eight hours.

The unique design of the P-Flip makes it easy to fold, carry and charge and it offers efficient charging capability using green solar power. It has a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery which allows for eight hours of talk time, 15 hours for videos or games or 60 hours of music. This desktop holder also allows you to charge and sync and can be used as a back-up battery pack for games and videos.

Dexim recently released the P-flip foldable power dock for the iPod and iPhone and they also showcased a Blackberry-compatible version of the P-Flip at CES 2010. Laconia Cheng, Managing Director at Dexim, said, “We are excited to continue offering our customers multifunctional and superior accessories that help streamline their busy lives and keep them connected in style for an affordable price. The new lineup provides something for everyone – regardless of whether you’re at home or on-the-go.”

The solar P-Flip is expected to be released in the next few months and should retail for USD79.90.

Source:  GizMag

Popularity: 21% [?]

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Additional storage for the iPhone & iPod touch with wireless AirStash

airstash storage

airstash wireless

Introducing AirStash

AirStash stores your movies, music, photos, and documents and wirelessly shares them with your phone, media player, netbook, tablet, computer, and more. Use AirStash like a USB flash drive to drag & drop the files you want to your SD card while charging the built-in lithium polymer battery, then unplug & play on all of your browser-enabled WiFi devices*.

If you know how to use a USB drive and a web browser, you know how to use AirStash. Once you own AirStash, every other USB flash drive will seem less evolved.

Easy wireless access to your media stash

Just connect your WiFi enabled device to your AirStash and instantly surf & stream your media files through your web browser. No software or app installation is required.

Additional storage for the iPhone & iPod touch

Break through the storage limits on your iPhone and iPod touch with AirStash! There’s no need to decide what files to squeeze onto your iPhone—bring them all with AirStash! Supply a single SD card for storage capacity up to 32GB, or bring along additional SD cards for unlimited storage on-the-go. Because AirStash is wireless, you can keep using your favorite case and accessories while AirStash sits in your pocket, backpack, purse, or briefcase.

Source:  AirStash

Popularity: 54% [?]

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Take your iTunes with you through any web browser


Take your iTunes with you

You’ve got a huge music collection in your iTunes at home.  You want to access that music from the office, at a friend’s party, or let other people hear it from anywhere in the world.  Install pulpTunes and access your music from anywhere, through a web browser.

Works on Mac, Windows and even Linux!

After started, a little orange will appear in your tray (as shown to the left), and you’ll be given your machine’s IP address.
To access your music from outside your home network, just point any browser to that address.   For Linux environments (where iTunes is not available) you just need an iTunes XML file which points to the music files.

Source:  PulpTunes

Popularity: 11% [?]

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Charge your iPhone iPod on the go with this portable charger

iphone charger

BluePack™ S8 3000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
for iPhone 3GS/3G/iPod/BlackBerry

Keep on talking! Charge your iPhone/iPod on the go. Extends up to 11 hours Talk time ,21 hours Video/Game or 92 hours Music by dexim BluePack S8 with 3000mAh Lithium Polymer battery.

Source:  Dexim

Popularity: 14% [?]

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Lullabelly is iPod Speaker for Your Womb – help your baby be musically incline


Plug in your MP3 player or iPhone™ and play music for your baby in the womb.
Listening to music with your baby in the womb helps reduce stress during pregnancy, helps with fetal development, and creates a wonderful bonding experience. Plus playing the same music after birth helps your baby sleep better.

The Many Benefits of Prenatal Music Stimulation

New scientific research with music stimulation is overwhelmingly showing positive affects on fetal brain development, prenatal learning, reducing stress levels during pregnancy, improving a baby’s sleeping habits, and providing a wonderful bonding opportunity in utero.

Of course, there’s no need to take our word for it. Click on each of the headings below and read for yourself what the experts are saying.

Source:  Lullabelly

Popularity: 15% [?]

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HiJack Headphone Splitter Keychain

headphone splitter

Share your sounds

Once a philosopher said, “Tunes are the music of life.” That philosopher was both right and an idiot all at once. But really, without music the world would be a sour place. Sometimes, though, you can’t play your music openly and so headphones were invented. Music, though, demands to be shared – it’s a world wide language. But what to do when you really want to share your music but society demands headphones? All you have to do is whip out your HiJack Headphone Splitter and you and a friend can groove together.

The HiJack is a very simple little device. It plugs into your headphone jack and splits it into two jacks. What makes the HiJack so sweet is it’s tiny size and keychain clip, so you can keep it with you wherever you go. On the bus, on the train – who knows where you’ll meet that special someone you’d like to share your tunes with.

HiJack Headphone Splitter Keychain

  • Easily lets you plug two sets of headphones into one jack
  • Stores on keyring clip so you can take it with you anywhere
  • Fits all standard sized headphone
  • Dimensions: 3″ x 1.5″ (on keyring); 1.25″ x 1.5″ (off keyring)

Source:  ThinkGeek

Popularity: 10% [?]

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miShare iPod to iPod Transfer System

mishare ipod to ipodipod to ipod

miShare iPod 2 iPod Transfer System

Our miShare iPod Transfer System makes sharing files between iPods easy. Simply attach 2 iPods, slide the setting to music, video, or photo, and start transferring. Share music, family videos, or podcasts with friends and family members.

  • USB 2.0 technology transfers a full song in approximately 10 seconds
  • Works with all Mini, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video (5G), and Classic (6G) iPod models (not compatible with 1st or 2nd generation iPods, iPod Shuffle, iPhone, and iPod Touch)
  • Copy a single file, a file collection, or an “On-The-Go” playlist
  • No computer or cables necessary
  • AC power adapter included

Source:   FrontGate

Popularity: 20% [?]

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iHandstick for iPhone 3G 3Gs iPod Touch 2 Gen 3rd Gen – iphone game grip

iphone game grip

To make your iPhone / iPod Touch (see compatibility below) make more friendly when you take your them as a game console.  A similar grip enjoyed by millions of Playstation gamers.

- Light weight: 98g
- Easy installation
- A friendly handheld grip for your iPhone 3G / 3Gs / iPod Touch 2nd / iPod Touch 3rd when you gaming.
- Good Hand feel

Suitable for:
- iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs
- iPod Touch 2nd Gen / 3rd Gen

Package Contents:
- iHandstick for iPhone 3G /  3Gs / iPod Touch 2 Gen / 3rd Gen

Source:  USB Fever

Popularity: 28% [?]

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