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Wine Bottle Lock

wine bottle lock

Could you have sworn you had at least half a bottle of bourbon that now seems to have ‘evaporated’ to no more than a couple of fingers? Do you suspect someone’s siphoning off your scotch or walking off with your wine? The Wine Bottle Lock is going to keep the contents of your liquor cabinet right where you left it!

The Wine Bottle Lock works on bottles from 11mm to 25mm diameter (it expands to fit) and unless you’ve got the four digit pin number, you’re going to go thirsty! Or have to buy some more.

Use the Wine Bottle Lock on beer bottles, wine bottles, spirits or even soft drink – you could even use it as that extra piece of security, so that if you’re little ones make it through all the other ‘child-proofing’, they still can’t get their hands on any poisons or potions.

Whether you are giving up red wine for lent, or you’ve got an abstinence bet with a friend – let your partner set the pin number, so there’s no chance you’ll cave in and go the guzzle.

Got a friend or relative living in a share house? Then the Wine Bottle Lock makes a wonderful house-warming gift! So they’ll never have to get into that rather uncomfortable ‘who drank my…?’ situation. Pair it with their favourite spirit for a gift that keeps on giving (to those who know the right combination!).

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Portable and universal door lock – Genius design

door lock howsarhowsar lock diagram

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Introducing a portable and universal door lock with a difference – a simple lock for use by all – small enough to carry in a pocket, lightweight and inexpensive.

Whenever a degree of privacy or security is required, e.g. hostels, offices and student accommodation, in the home or while travelling you are not likely to find a more user-friendly lock to suit your purpose.

Although not intended to replace permanent locks, the Howsar Lock provides an additional basic barrier and deterrent protection against intruders.

  • Made of durable reinforced nylon – compact, sturdy, lightweight and inexpensive

  • Simple and quick to install and release – matter of seconds and no need for any tools

  • Adaptable to nearly all internal doors

  • Lock is inaccessible from outside the room - provides tamper proof security

  • Door will be secure even if someone has the key

  • Simple, uncomplicated design makes it less prone to fault

  • Ideal for travellers – small and lightweight with no metal parts to give problems at customs!

  • Easily carried in pocket or handbag – fits into palm of the hand.

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Popularity: 3% [?]

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