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Key Pete – Keys Magnetic holder

key pete

Isn’t it amazing that a civilisation such as ours, who split the atom, created Velcro and decided it would be a good idea to put cheese in a can, could look at the traditional cup-hook key holder and say “that’ll do”.

Key PeteAnd so, it is with much pride and admiration that we at Latest Buy hail the intrepid designers of Key Pete – the long awaited alternative for keeping your keys safe, sound and easily found!

This faceless little fella (available in red, blue and green) has that irresistible “what on earth is that” quality that just draws you to him – or perhaps it’s the fact that he’s magnetised! Key Pete will hold on to most things metal – the fridge, the microwave, the steel plate in grandad’s head (don’t hold us to that one) and with his free hand, he’ll hang onto your keys! But not just one key – Key Pete has the strength to hold onto 30 keys at a time!

Key Pete isn’t just a clever design – it’s a clever name! Key-p it safe, Key-p it simple, just Key Pete! Subtle, but clever. We thought we’d point it out, because when you’re running late for that important appointment the subtlety may escape you – but thankfully your keys won’t!

Source:  Latest Buy

Popularity: 1% [?]

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Magnetic countertop soap holder

magnetic soap holder

Magnetic Soap Holder helps keep your vanity top clean and neat. Holds soap in place with a convenient magnet.

Dimensions: 9″W x 7″H; base diameter is 3″. Made of plated steel. Finish: chrome.

Source:  Comfort House

Popularity: 2% [?]

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Magnetic Shotgun Cartridge Retriever – The Gripstick

gripstick cartridge

Pick up your spent cartridges with ease and keep the countryside clean. The Gripstick’s strong magnet will pick up to 50 cartridges at a time. Fully adjustable from 68-100cm, it is British made of lightweight aluminium with a trigger hook belt attachment.

Source:  Fur Feather and Fin

Popularity: 3% [?]

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Floating globe with magnet


The Levitron Ion: a floating globe icon.

Floating globes are nothing new in the impressive catalog of physics toys they offer, but the Ion from Levitron is one stellar desktop decoration from a company known for creating some eye-catching products. Adorning your desk at work or at home, the Levitron Ion will make for a handsome display of what the earth looks like from outer space, as it floats nobly, bound to the gravitational pull of our nearest star.

The Levitron Ion is a magnetic floating globe that uses state-of-the-art technology to create a magnetic field in which the globe floats. The power is derived from the Ion’s lustrous base which, aside from keeping the globe aloft and giving the whole unit a stylish look, also allows the 4” globe to rotate in midair!

Education toys are not usually as fun, or so apt to make for such a nice decoration, but the Levitron Ion will provide hours of captivation and, at the same time, dress up your desk with a little bit of class and sophistication, while also teaching you a thing or two about electromagnetism on top of everything else! This Levitron globe, like all others in their fantastic line of products, makes a great gift for your parents, your children, you significant other or just yourself.

    • Floating Globe
    • Base Unit
    • Adapter

Source:  InnovaToys

Popularity: 4% [?]

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