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Reevu Motorcycle helmets will transform your motorcycling experience – Rear view

reevu rearview

motorcycle rearview

Reevu brings the benefits of its revolutionary rear view technology to the world of motorsports

When you wear a Reevu Motorbike helmet your view of the road ahead is not affected in any way. The view behind, however, is so dramatically transformed – you can see the road behind you with your peripheral vision

Our customers have commented that after a short period of time, you are able to maintain awareness of the road ahead and behind without making a conscious effort. This means no more shaky steering when you are looking over your shoulder and no loss of vision of the road ahead when you are looking behind you!

Quite simply, Reevu Motorcycle helmets will transform your motorcycling experience. We still, however, encourage motorcyclists to make that all-important check over their shoulders before making any manoeuvres.

Source: Reevu

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Incredible Monocycle – One Wheeled Motorcycle


Clowns can finally cruise around town in style, thanks to Liam Ferguson’s winning design for a motorbike (yes despite the headline this has two wheels, not including the stabilising wheels on the rear which would basically make this a car) that we could very well see in the future. Personally, I’m thinking  The Hornet is the perfect machine to fill in the gap between our current motorbikes and the promise of hover cars.

Apparently this thing has a turning circle of zero metres, which means that if it does get made we’ll see some hilarious youtube videos of centrifugal injuries.

Source:  ElectricBlue

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The Motorcycle Air Conditioning System

motorcycleac  The Motorcycle Air Conditioning System

The EntroSys Motorcycle Air Conditioning system comprises two main subsystems: a compact personal air conditioner unit; and a lightweight air delivery garment. Conditioned air - cooled or heated – is driven into the riding gear through an air hose. The A/C unit is controlled by a key-chain wireless remote control unit.

Providing a comfortable micro-climate under the riding protective garment facilitates a relaxed and safer ride.

The system is environmentally friendly as it is based on solid-state technology and does not use harmful gases, as do conventional compressor-based systems.

Source:  Entrosys

Popularity: 2% [?]

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Narrow track vehicles – the convergence of the car and the motorcycle

narrow track vehicles


Sitting in Nissan’s Landglider was an experience, I’d been looking forward to it since I first spied the pre-show imagery – this truly is near the point where the motorcycle and automobile meet. It’s a two passenger vehicle, one behind the other, it’s half the width of a conventional car and it leans through corners like a motorcycle.

Being fully enclosed and with impact absorption zones and a composite protection tub, the Land Glider’s pilot is a lot less vulnerable than a motorcycle rider, yet the Land Glider’s light weight and the punchy electric motors mean a motorcycle-like torque to weight ratio for quick acceleration and the steer-by-wire system leans the Land Glider up to 17 degrees – it may not be the 45 degree plus of a sports motorcycle, and the proof-of-concept will surely be in the driving experience as to how drive-by-wire feels in comparison to the mechanical systems we’re all accustomed to, but it’s more than enough to have safe, low-speed fun commuting to the office.

The Land Glider is one of a wave of new single track concept vehicles being shown by auto makers this year as they begin preparing for yet another looming crisis for the auto industry – Global Traffic Congestion!

Source:  Gizmag

Popularity: 2% [?]

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