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The new TV remote: Using your hands – Touchless touch screen

remotetv  The new TV remote: Using your hands – Touchless touch screen

The TV remote control of the future isn’t an expensive device with an LCD screen and blinking lights. It’s your hand.

The classic TV remote control most of us have grown up with has been around in essentially the same incarnation for half a century. It’s been tweaked over the years, but now one company is looking at ditching the remote altogether and using a camera mounted below a TV screen that senses hand motions instead of button pushes. The result is something that seems right out of Minority Report.

But the high-tech user interface Tom Cruise coolly manipulates onscreen isn’t even all that far-fetched now, thanks to incremental improvements. Until now, the most innovative new input for entertainment in the living room has been the Wii-mote, the motion-sensing remote control/wand that has made Nintendo’s game console a cultural phenomenon. Swing it like a tennis racket and you can pretend you’re playing tennis, point it at the screen and use it like a mouse to navigate menus.

Televisions have progressed as well, with better picture quality and capability. Now TVs can record TV shows, stream Netflix movies, check the weather, read news headlines, and skim RSS feeds. The menus on those TVs appear more and more like what we see on our computer screens, so a new interface that operates more like a mouse seems almost inevitable.

Source:  Cnet

Popularity: 4% [?]

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2.4GHz Wireless Mouse with Folder Encryption

wireless encryption mouse

This is not a simple 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse. It features the “Folder Encryption” function that protects your confidential data on PC easily. Without the USB dongle and wireless mouse, the encrypted folder will not be decrypted by other ways. It is especially good for the laptop/netbook user as the notebook they carry around may full of corporate secret data or private data. If the notebook was stolen or left unattended, don’t worry about data security, as they are encrypted! Of course, basic mouse functions like forward & backward button, Scroll-wheel and the DPI switching button is embedded.

Price:       US$22.00

Source:  USB Brando

Popularity: 2% [?]

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One Finger Mouse For Your Computer – USB – Black

one finger mouse

4D space mouse. No table top required. Never hunt for “mouse space” again! Use this newly invented alternative to standard mice or trackballs instead. The ergonomic design of this 3-button finger mouse/trackball combination is ideal for home, office, or the mobile traveler. A perfect “hands free” computer control device for multimedia presentations!

Source:  KlearGear

Popularity: 1% [?]

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