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Gruber Assist – the invisible electric bike retrofit

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GRUBER Assist is not dependent on the bicycle brand – required cycle frame specifications

In contrast to the ready-made E-bikes, you have the advantage of being relatively brand-independent when buying a new bicycle.

What you should look for in a frame if you want to install a GRUBER Assist:

  • Aluminium or steel frame (carbon currently in test phase)
  • Straight, continuous seat tube
  • Seat tube with an inner diameter of 31.6mm
    (This is given for a seat post with an external diameter of 31.6mm)
  • The existing seat post will be replaced with a Truvativ XR double clamp (included in delivery)
  • Crank set from Shimano Hollowtech II (not included in delivery)
  • Seat tube should be as central as possible on the bottom bracket (not shifted forwards or backwards!)
  • People with a step length under 80 cm should contact GRUBER Antrieb GmbH & Co KG or their dealer before installation. From the middle of the crank to the saddle (without saddle) the GRUBER Assist has a lenght of 57 cm.
  • Installation by a certified GRUBER Assist dealer

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