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Curved shower rod – 60% more room

curved shower rod

Curved Shower Rod – - The Crescent Rod™ curved shower rod gives you more elbow room in the shower. Unlike a conventional shower rod, the 60″ Crescent Rod is mounted 3″ inside the tub and curves out slightly into the room.

Chrome-plated plastic cover plate simplifies installation of Crescent Rod by covering existing holes without replacing tile or wall and provides a custom-fit look. (Note: You cannot use the existing brackets.)

Fits most 5′ tub enclosures with tile walls. DO NOT MOUNT ON FIBERGLASS OR ACRYLIC WALLS.

Source:  Comfort House

Popularity: 2% [?]

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Get Free Hot Water From Our Solar Power Shower

solar shower

You Can Rinse Off Chlorine, Sand, Salt or Sweat — Without Freezing!

Our Solar-Power Shower uses heat from the sun to warm the water in the base. Just connect to your garden hose to fill the base to its 8-liter capacity. In less than 2 hours of sunlight, the water reaches 140°F!

Use the mixing valve to blend heated water in the base with cold water from your hose to a pleasant 86-90°. You and your family can take several showers consecutively before the tank needs to reheat. Keeps your pool or hot tub clean, and lets you avoid chlorine itch!

Source:  Solar Power Shower

Popularity: 3% [?]

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